BOOK REVIEW – When Darkness Breaks by Traci Sanders

FIVE STARS * * * * *

Count your blessings; count the important ones twice

I have a saying I like to “keep close” when I deal with unexpected things – “You cannot control life; in most cases it just happens to you. You can control how it affects you.”

That Zandriism of mine came to mind when I read “When Darkness Breaks.” The story entailed the dealings of family rocked by an external tragedy and how it affected their lives. The issue drove the family to make changes and those changes affected their immediate future. The struggles within the tale come from each of the main characters coming to grips with those changes and learning to have an understanding of how to get their own closure from it and deal with it (not always in the best of ways).

As the story reaches a critical juncture, plans made are sidetracked as life happens to the couple, and those plans are forced aside.

I really enjoyed the character development and I would recommend this book to readers that like contemporary literature, drama, and some romance in the mix.

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