Before Another Sunset has been released

The 42 page novella prequel to Another Sunset is now available at Amazon

Westville, Texas. A small town with friendly people; families that have stayed and endured life’s ups and downs. Many have left as the town no longer can fully support its own. An old woman maintains one of the remaining small businesses at the center of town, helped by Maria, her second floor tenant. Maria’s daughter Caroline starts to question her father’s absence. She also dreams up an idea to help the local library. Friends uncover true feelings and a kind drifter’s travels bring him closer to the town.

before another sunset

2 thoughts on “Before Another Sunset has been released

  1. Jason,
    i would love to read and review for you. I didn’t answer sooner because I wanted to make sure I was caught up and you wouldn’t get lost in my mountains of books, okay an iPad and a Nook and a bunch of bookcases. So I am reading one right now and hope to have it done by Sunday. I will put you in next if you like. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for the GoodReads selection. Whatever you decide, the best of luck to you in all you do. My personal email is


  2. Hi Tracy – the winners were chosen by Goodreads; it doesn’t appear you were selected.

    I am going to do another personal giveaway shortly and I’ll send you the information.


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