BOOK REVIEW – Makai King (Makai Series Book 2) by Tara Fairfield

Makai King (Makai Series Book 2)Makai King by Tara Fairfield

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Undersea fantasy adventure where sins of man and nature collide.

FOUR STARS * * * *

As a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, this book came to us as a recommended read during our weekly PUSHTUESDAY event. I preface this because I had not read book one prior and I feel there are parts of the story that I had less of a connection to because of that (but it still works well referencing back at points – I do wish there was just a little more of it). My review is based on the story’s self-containment in this book (book two).

I also want to preface that this is not my standard reading choice – the story is more geared to young adults and / or Christian and Religious Fiction readers but I did want to read it both because it came recommended by my peers and I am trying to broaden my reading base.

The story contains some real world problems (life, faith, family, strife, envy, pride, responsibility, etc.) wrapped up in a fantasy undersea world.

It was well written. It was rich in description and it allowed the characters to develop (and I presume “grow” and / or mature more from book one) and evolve into their own strong personas. The overarching message in the story was one of “classic” right versus wrong / good versus evil and the personal responsibility and commitment of will by the main characters (Tessa and Kupua) to see their beliefs and responsibilities through, without losing themselves and remaining true to their own nature.

I recommend “Makai King (Makai Series Book 2)” by Tara Fairfield – * * * * Four Stars (out of five)

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