BOOK REVIEW – “Magnolia Secrets” by Beth Hale

Magnolia Secrets (Magnolia Series, Book One)Magnolia Secrets by Beth Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two fresh starts offset one another and set worlds into parallel motion.

FOUR STARS * * * *

Lainey was free. She had prepared to leave an unstable world behind her. She was ready to make a brand new life and start it off passionately with Walker, the handsome stranger. It was going to be a heat of a moment launch; a grabbing of the new life by the reigns and taking it for all it was worth.

Walker Bell was in the right place at the right time. He was on his way to a new job in a quiet place, when he happened into that fortune, as their paths crossed that fateful evening.
After the chance encounter, she was gone; much as those nights of singular passion come full circle.

Walker moved along and took up residence in his departed great aunt’s place in New Hope. He was starting a new job there as an officer, working under Police Chief Evan Holley.
The small town with Oak lined sidewalks and a small downtown, with little shops and storefronts, was a far cry from big city Biloxi where he served prior.

As he gets settled in, unpacks, and begins to learn his way around, events take a turn when he discovers at Chief Holley’s picnic that the Lainey he met on his way to New Hope was Lainey Holley and things were not as they seemed.

As more events unfold, the circumstances destabilize for Officer Walker Bell and Lainey Holley as their worlds collide.

I recommend “Magnolia Secrets” by Beth Hale – * * * * Four Stars (out of five)

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