Marquee Monday – Jason Zandri

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On Marquee Monday, I don’t self-promote at all. Whatever time and energy I have goes instead to another author to whom I want to say thanks. I’m genuinely excited to spend a day promoting today’s marquee author, and I hope you will help me raise him up a bit.

Just so you know, I decided on Saturday that Jason Zandri would be on the marquee this Monday. And then on Sunday, Rave Reviews Book Club named him Member of the Month. Why do I point this out? Because it just drives home the fact that everyone is taking note of the support Jason Zandri is giving to others! I’m not featuring him on Marquee Monday because he is the RRBC Member of the Month, but that fact does make me even more proud to send a little more attention his way.

Last week in a Rave Reviews Book Club online…

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