I, Hero – The Beginning


Nathan stepped to the side of his ailing father’s bed. The cancer was about to have its endgame. Nathan did the best he could to keep a strong face forward for his father. He knew if he opened his eyes again, he would want him to see that he wasn’t upset.

“When it’s your time, there’s nothing you can do to change that outcome. The only thing you can do is meet it head on,” Brian Devron told his son the last time he was fully lucid. “I’ve done the best I could to teach you everything I know. A father does that his whole life for his children. Some have very little time. Others have decades. I don’t feel robbed having only twenty two years of your life to do that. It’s not about the quantity of time, it’s the quality. That is what we have had. I don’t know what life has in store for you. No one really does. You move about it the best you can with the gifts you possess. Give back more than you take. Compete only with yourself. Live life by your own measure, no one else’s.”

Those would be the last words of wisdom that he passed along to his only son.

The son would bury the father on a Thursday and spend the next few weeks settling his estate and liquidating his assets.

He would spend the remainder of that school year finishing up his degree. He then moved from Connecticut to an apartment in the Kips Bay area of New York City over that summer.

With the following fall, a year later, came change.

Nothing was ever the same again.

2 thoughts on “I, Hero – The Beginning

  1. This strikes home for me, as my aging Dad (93) is so close to my heart and his advice & wisdom will always remain with me. We move on in life, hopefully bringing with us some of the wisdom our parents offered.
    Also…In reading the prelude…it leaves you craving to hear more about how this young man met his challenges in life…Can’t wait for this one. After reading and so enjoying “Another Sunset” (Jason Zandri’s 1st novel). I anxiously await this one.

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