America the Beautiful…Redwood Forest

This is off topic for my review blog of course, but not for the flag waving, country loving, patriot that I am. With that, I reblog this awesome post.



Along the coast of Northern California, travelers will see signs for Crescent City. The journey will take them to 133,000 acres of indescribable paradise. The National Park Headquarters for the majestic Redwood Forest. In 1850, the redwoods covered more than 2,000,000 acres of land. Unfortunately, after many lost their dreams of striking gold in the area, lumbering the redwoods became the white man fortune. In 1918, many saw the destruction of nature occurring, and established the Save the Redwood League. In the 1920’s, parks were established, including Prairie Creek, Del Norte Coast and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park. In 1968, after ninety percent of the original redwoods had been logged, the Redwood National Park was established. In 1994, to help stabilize & preserve the trees, three abutting Redwood State Parks joined the RNP.


I have visited the Redwood Forest a few times. I have yet to take a photograph…

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