America the Beautiful: Route 66

This is off topic for my review blog of course, but not for the flag waving, country loving, patriot that I am. With that, I reblog this awesome post.


Route 66 sign

Get your kicks on…

….if you finished the sentence with Route 66, congratulations. If you completed the sentence in song, you are my new best friend!  Then again, don’t all those who share a love for travel have a common bond?  The wanting to know what is over the bend, what a field of wheat really smells like, and does the Grand Canyon really need to be seen to understand its captivation by so many? What if every American had to travel to every state before receiving their citizenship? Yes, just being born here wouldn’t be enough. Traveling across state borders on Route 66 is like traveling through different era’s of our history. The abandoned gas stations that still have a coffee mug and sales receipts dated 1972 on the manager’s desk. The hotels that once bragged about air conditioners in every room, or the signs that read- Good Eats…

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