Another Sunset – Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #26,907 Paid in Kindle Store – That’s an all time high

Since the print release of Another Sunset in November of 2014 and the Kindle version in December I’ve been all over the place in the elusive Amazon rank.

I know a lot of people will say “don’t pay too much to the ranking” but to be honest it’s about all I have other than sales and I have no idea how I should gauge sales.

I’ve sold 191 books since November 24th when the print books released; that was 133 days ago.

Is 191 books sold (actual cash received for them) a lot for 133 days in release or not for a first time work of fiction?

I have no idea. But I CAN get an idea that I am #26,907 Paid in Kindle Store (at least for today) versus about a million other books.

So in general, I am excited and I wanted to share. I celebrate many peer victories like this; I expect they will join me as I do my happy dance today.

bestseller 26907


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