The Tainted Dress by @jmshorney #RRBC #bookboost #booktours 

Helen Treharne

I am delighted to be joined today by Jean Shorney. I’m so glad to be part of her book tour to promote her third Aidan McRaney book, Progeny of a Killer. Jean has written a short story especially for us. I’m sure we all want to know if she is actually the female of the piece . Mmmmmmm….


The Tainted Dress

I was seventeen when I first met George Kravitz. Of Hungarian descent, there was som
ething of the gypsy about George. Maybe it was reflected in his irresistible brown eyes, long black curls and brooding features. I happened to be with my mother at our initial encounter. He was idling around with some friends. In the presence of my mother, the most George and I exchanged were surreptitious glances. I discovered from a friend, Angela, whom he used to date that he lived with…

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