“As Life Goes: Elementary” is off to the editors as of the end of the day TODAY

As I had announced in a prior post, “As Life Goes: Elementary” has been available for PRE-ORDER for about three weeks now.

I am happy to announce that I am finished with it. I am just doing some last minute clean up now and the editor is going to have it in her hands tomorrow to mark it all up for me to review.

I fully expect it to be fully available to be auto-delivered to your Kindle on July 31, 2015 as listed.

I am going to post up two of three excerpts over the next couple of weeks to introduce the story to you and as I make the final revisions as suggested by my editor.

As soon as I wrap all that up, I will begin my second story of the “I, Hero” series, “I,Hero – Nathan Returns”


I mentioned prior that there might be a mid release book “As Life Goes – Summer” but I was able to tie up the story better without what I was expecting as a loose end so I won’t be putting that out. The next story to be had of Matthew, Melissa, Tim, Michael and the gang from Colony Convenience will be “As Life Goes – The End of the Innocence.” (expected November 2015)


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