NaNoWriMo day seven – I, Hero: Phases – PROLOGUE

#NaNoWriMo day seven – I, Hero: Phases – PROLOGUE

Hephaestus stepped into the chamber and made his way toward Ares. “I make the assumption we are alone in here?”

“We are; is there some concern that you have?” Ares asked turning towards him.

“I always have concerns where your schemes are concerned; especially the ones that fly in the face of agreements with Zeus.” Hephaestus said lumbering into a seat near a large table.

Ares walked past him and around to the far side and sat. “You and I both know Ahzeem Ama’s eternal soul is still trapped between the Ethereal and Astral planes of existence. The evil essence that consumed him in the Prime Plane…”

“Is trapped within the mortal called Rebecca Farnsmith,” Hephaestus said, cutting him off. “The Olympians are aware of this. We are also aware that Lachesis finished her measuring work; that thread in now in Atropos’ hands.”

“Yes,” Hades proclaimed softly. “The issue is, the Hero Nathan.”

“Yes. He has become unpredictable to the point where the Watchers are confused and The Fates have been moved, continually. Even they are unsure of what force is re-guiding their hands.” Hephaestus replied.

“What is more likely is what has been seen regarding Rebecca Farnsmith. What we need to do is to be prepared for that end game.” Hades countered. “I do not have enough power alone; are you prepared to commit?”

“I am,” Hephaestus answered. “I will be here and ready when that time comes.”

“Are you also prepared to deal with Zeus?” Ares asked. “The time is near when the choice to close the circle is to be made; it will be the only way to eliminate Nathan.”

“The powers of the gods were meant for the gods; if a champion be needed I was always fine to go along with Zeus because it was never a permanent thing. I made one exception with Ahzeem Ama and we all know how that went. The total strain on the tie to the realms… I know that another will likely end our ability to hold our powers and our existence. The beings in the Prime Universe… as much as I find them interesting, I am not willing to end my existence in favor of allowing theirs.”

Ares nodded and said nothing further.

I Hero Phases

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