Oh God….. now I’m discouraged….


How to be a Successful Novelist in 38 Easy Steps

By Katrin Schumann

At a party recently, a friend’s eyes glazed over as I began explaining how novelists get from idea to published book. I quickly realized that not only was this conversation exceedingly boring to her, but that most people have no idea just how convoluted and long the road to publishing can be, especially if you go the traditional route. She seemed to think there were three easy steps: 1) idea for book => 2) write book => 3) find publishing house. Hey presto.

How many steps are there, really? I counted at least 38:

  1. Have an idea for a novel. Think you are brilliant, insightful, unique.
  2. Consider characters and plot. Decide you are plodding, dumb and unoriginal.
  3. Begin writing. Anything goes! Get it down! Do writing exercises, talk with writer friends, read illuminating novels. Get into…

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