Petitioning for Amazon to change it’s policy on review removal.

I signed this because there are so many indie authors out there supporting each other I think it’s ludicrous for Amazon to assume we know each other personally. Writers are usually voracious readers as well, just because I follow an author or comment on their posts doesn’t mean I know the author on a personal level.

We support each other; we’re a pretty great bunch of people all struggling to swim in a massive ocean of  bigger fish. The last thing we need is Amazon to harpoon us by removing our rightly deserved/earned reviews.

When I temporarily put them on my safe sender list for my kindle it means I won their book at a launch party, or in a contest somewhere. I’ve discovered new authors to read as well as to avoid reading in the future.

They should not assume to KNOW me personally by my contacts, comments or fandoms.

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