Kindle Unlimited: Global Fund Stability and Marketplace Changes


Image from ShutterStock. Image from ShutterStock.


Amazon announced that the KDP Select global fund for November, 2015 will be at least $12M.

It has consistently been $11M or more since May, 2015.

So this shows some nice stability.

Under the original Kindle Unlimited scheme, critics used to comment on how Amazon would low-ball the KDP Select global fund, promising around $3M at the beginning of the month, and then providing a much larger fund after the month’s end. Some tried to argue that Amazon was taking a loss because they raised the fund much higher than their initial projection.

When the new Kindle Unlimited unrolled this summer, critics revised their argument, saying that just because Amazon is offering $11M or more up front doesn’t mean they will continue to do this. Maybe it would drop down much lower later on, or maybe after a brief welcoming period, they would revert…

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