Gratitude Post: Group Administrators

While I am an admin of a couple of writing groups, mainly dedicated to pressing their blogs and their books, I am also an ADMIN to MANY Facebook groups with respect to my home town.

The ones I am not, I either co-ADMIN them or I am “just” a member and know the admins.

I think the users often forget – they groups technically belong to the creator of said group but the main reason for the creation of the group was for the use and benefit for all.

Like any “club” or “membership” you can be kicked out for not following the (generally) simple rules.


images (12)I have some friends who are amazing. Besides their writing, day jobs and family life they create Facebook groups for authors to support others, they spend hours setting them up, organising group activities and platforms that benefit everyone, listen to group members problems and suggestions, trying to sort them out and nurture the culture of altruism – a word that is so rare in our self-centred modern world. I cannot believe how wonderfully patient and relentless some of them are.

And yet, not a day goes by when I hear about one of them getting grief from the benefitting group members, either because of a disagreement about the group content, or because the member has issues in their life and needs to vent at someone. The latter seems to be on the increase.

10177216_754522784593296_6221627581906437515_nI’ve scaled down my involvement in social media dramatically because of such personal attacks in my role…

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