What Did Kindle Unlimited Pay for Pages Read in November, 2015?


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November, 2015 marks the first month that Amazon KDP is paying different royalty amounts in different countries for KENP pages read.

Here is the breakdown for November, 2015 by country:

  • United States: $0.00492 per page (US dollars). That’s an increase of 2.3% from October’s payment of $0.00481.
  • United Kingdom: £0.00327 per page (British pounds). That’s also an increase of 2.3% from October’s £0.003196.
  • Germany: €0.00425 per page (Euro). That’s a drop of 5.1% from October’s €0.00448.
  • France: €0.00458 per page (Euro). That’s an increase of 2.2% from October’s €0.00448.
  • Canada: $0.00608 per page (Canadian dollars). That’s a drop of 5.0% from October’s $0.0064. (Remember, these are Canadian dollars, not US dollars.)
  • India: ₹0.1075 per page (Indian rupees). That’s a drop of 66% from October’s ₹0.3163.

Are these changes to Kindle Unlimited pages read payments good or bad?

The most significant change…

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