Unacceptable Behavior by Jessica Strong – Author

I put up a post on Tuesday December 22, 2015 about the sudden passing of author Jessica Strong who I knew through the Clean Indie Reads Facebook group.

In that post I outlined that the Clean Indie Reads group is pushing an effort to get our membership that are interested to do a little something in memory of her. On December 26th, as a little remembrance / coordinated effort to do something to honor her passing, we are going to buy her books all on that day.

As part of my own comments in that thread I said “I’d like to think we could get her to #1 with a coordinated effort such as this on Saturday 12/26…” “If I lived nearby and brought flowers or something to the family to say goodbye, I would spend so much more (and it would be equally worth it).”

So that is what I am going to do. I am going to log in at 9AM EST, “drop” $16.00, and get all her books.

Between now and then, I am going to showcase her books on my blog and on my author page over at Facebook.

This post is showcasing Unacceptable Behavior


SYNOPSIS: An old crime and an overly ambitious district attorney bring two college friends back together. One is a white police officer and the other a Native American attorney. The officer is involved in the arrest of a juvenile Native American but, when he sees that the District Attorney is going to railroad the young man to help jump start his political career, he calls his old college friend. The young man arrested is the son of a suspect in a serial murder case that has never been solved. Prejudice in the community, and sloppy police work when the boy’s father was originally arrested, has made solving the crime impossible. The friendship, though never in doubt, is strained at times, but provides the salvation for the attorney when the case takes an unexpected twist, and a witness comes forward that no one knew existed.

Print Length is 343 pages, it was released on July 10, 2011 through Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (ASIN: B005C2COXC).

The following is the “most helpful review” by Worduser on October 25, 2014

5.0 out of 5 starsHard to put down October 25, 2014

Reading this book is like finding a rare jewel in your backyard. The story has a mixture of trouble, anger, jealousy, ego, and frustration built throughout to draw the reader into the story and characters as though they had been cooked and served from a slow cooker. First, you have three teenagers, Ray, Mark and Scott, and they are in serious trouble. The cop, Luke, who knows all three are not equally guilty and a district attorney, Collins, structured from an egomaniac personality ready to step over the line for personal gain. Mix that into life on a Native American reservation, an abusive husband, armed robbery, a troubled marriage and a missing husband accused of being a serial killer and you have the ingredients for a great story. To involve the reader further add a guy named Peter to the mix and the circle is complete. After the love of his life left him for another man, Peter walked away from the reservation and set out to become the best criminal lawyer on the planet. Peter, a man on a mission, has only one request from potential clients – tell him the truth and never lie. If they are honest with him, guilty or innocent, he promises to do all he can for them. If they lie his wrath awaits their mistake. He takes young Ray on as a client because he believes he’s innocent – as innocent as his missing father, a serial killer, might be. I can’t give away more of the plot as that would be taking the apples from the pie before serving it. Much like a fine glass of wine hits the taste buds, Unacceptable Behavior weaves in, out and around the plot with sincerity true to the story. The plots and subplots unfold nicely, and the pace is even and well written. You come to like, despise and accept the characters with all their attempts, weaknesses and flaws as though they are old friends. You identify with most and feel you know the way over the bridge you travel. I enjoyed the pace author Jessica Strong created and gave Unacceptable Behavior 5 stars for drawing me in and keeping me there to the last page. I’m looking forward to reading more from the author and thoroughly enjoyed this book.

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