In $ We Trust (Laura Cahill Book 2) by Jessica Strong – Author

I put up a post on Tuesday December 22, 2015 about the sudden passing of author Jessica Strong who I knew through the Clean Indie Reads Facebook group.

In that post I outlined that the Clean Indie Reads group is pushing an effort to get our membership that are interested to do a little something in memory of her. On December 26th, as a little remembrance / coordinated effort to do something to honor her passing, we are going to buy her books all on that day.

As part of my own comments in that thread I said “I’d like to think we could get her to #1 with a coordinated effort such as this on Saturday 12/26…” “If I lived nearby and brought flowers or something to the family to say goodbye, I would spend so much more (and it would be equally worth it).”

So that is what I am going to do. I am going to log in at 9AM EST, “drop” $16.00, and get all her books.

Between now and then, I am going to showcase her books on my blog and on my author page over at Facebook.

This post is showcasing In $ We Trust (Laura Cahill Book 2)

Jess Strong we trust

SYNOPSIS: “Good morning, American! Meltdown!” Those were the words that greeted viewers as they turned on their TV’s on September 15th, 2008. The greatest recession since the great depression was announced.

Six years later when Gloria Moore had her own violent meltdown in a bank in New York City, four people were dead and another critically wounded. She told Assistant District Attorney Neal there needed to be accountability for the financial mess. She would plead guilty to whatever charges he brought against her as long as he investigated the cause of the market crash.

Reluctantly Barney Neal soon realizes that a jury may acquit once they know Gloria Moore’s personal story. If he wants to settle the case out of court, and keep markets steady, he will have to do as she asks.

Print Length is 342 pages, it was released on July 3, 2015 through Amazon Digital Services, Inc. (ASIN: B010Y0MAAS).

Finance, Politics, and Suspense
By c-lu on July 21, 2015

Gloria Moore is an educated, upstanding citizen who, one day, after asking a question of a bank official, walks in an shoots 5 people, killing 4 and seriously injuring the 5th. Her biggest concerns are how her students will deal with what she has done and that she wasn’t able to take her own life. Even the cops who respond know from the start that there is something different about Gloria’s story. Asst. DA Laura feels the same, as does her boss, Barney. Gloria asks them to please investigate what happened in 2008 when the economy tanked and her husband committed suicide. Little do Laura and Barney know what they are getting into, or what they are dragging financial analyst Becky into. As Laura and Becky embark on a search for truth, they begin to realize that they may be stepping on political as well as financial landmines.

Strong provides the history of post-Depression Wall Street, the upside down mortgages and financial slight of hand that lead to the recession, and economic crisis for so many. She captures the emotions of those who were damaged in the process and their continued anger and resentment that no one person or persons was (were) held accountable. As Laura and Becky investigate, Strong adds the political climate, both in the police department with attempts to shut down the investigation and in Washington with powerful forces putting on the pressure locally The pressures only serve to increase the tension and make Laura and Becky more determined to find the answers they seek, potentially at significant personal cost. The main characters – Barney, Laura, and Becky, as well as Gloria – are well developed and multi-dimensional. Although the second in the series, this can be read as a stand alone.

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