HELP!!!! How do #authors with kids EVER write ANYTHING?

I have four kids, I commute to NYC for work five hours a day, (2.5 hours each way – door to door), I am involved civically in my hometown (I serve on the Wallingford Town Council), and I am blessed with 36 hours in each day.

My deadlines slip too 🙂

Set goals for yourself in anything you do, but blow them for the important things… like sitting in a chair with your kids and “wasting time”.

Angela and Adam

Helen Treharne

This week I have written exactly two things and this is one of them, the other was a post for my “mommy blog”. The third book in the Sophie Morgan series is currently an outline, a detailed one, but an outline nonetheless. Since I had my baby three and a half months ago I’ve added around two pages of actual text to it – by that I mean words which mean things, that include hard thought and craft, rather than “Sophie goes here and picks up a thing and then wotshername comes in and says this… must think of name for wotshername… but she should definitely be a brunette….”.  I have ideas for books and short stories coming out of my proverbial ears but no time. No time I tell you! My “to be read”sleeping-32750_1280 list is growing at a rate that I should be ashamed of. I open…

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4 thoughts on “HELP!!!! How do #authors with kids EVER write ANYTHING?

  1. I’m a student in law school, work part time, and have a pregnant wife. Part of me worries if I’ll have time to write once the baby gets here. As it stands though, I do a good third or more of my writing while riding the subway, so that shouldn’t be affected.


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