100 things we all wonder about Nonnie Jules blog tour



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Sunday, 2/14/16: John Fioravanti
Monday, 2/15/16: Harmony Kent
Tuesday, 2/16/16: Lizzie Chantree
Wednesday, 2/17/16: John Howell  AND Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko
Thursday, 2/18/16: Gwen Plano AND Book Review w/Janelle Jalbert
Friday, 2/19/16: Wendy Scott
Saturday, 2/20/16: Patricia w/Room with Books AND Jan Hawke


And now, five more questions towards “100 things we all wonder about Nonnie Jules”

Q: If you could have been given another name, what would it have been? Your preference.

A: Shelby


Q: I’m going to give you 4 choices. Select the adjective from each choice which others would say best describes you. Happy or Sad? Nice or Mean? Selfish or Generous? Leader or Follower?

A: Happy, Both, Both….do I really need to answer this last one?   🙂


Q: If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

A: There are so many things that I should change about myself, but you’ve asked me for only one. I often say to people that I love me just the way that I am…red hot temper and all…and I do! But, there is something that I work at constantly, and it’s the fact that I’m a little hard on people, especially when they mess up. I wouldn’t call me a “3 strikes, you’re out!” kind of girl. Sometimes, all it takes is one strike. I’m quick to dismiss those that have hurt me, or have done something in my eyes, which I’ve viewed as a “wrong.” My husband and my sweet daughters are so kind and forgiving. I often stare at them as if there’s something wrong with them…and I wonder, “Why is it you people never get upset?” They don’t know how to hold grudges, which I view as an awesome thing! I wish I was a member of that club, for sure. Cross me, and then visit Webster (the dictionary), and there you will find my photo. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to not let so many things bother me as much, and instead of holding on to things and expecting perfection from others, I am trying to “meet people where they are, messy rooms and all.” I’m a work in progress, guys. It’s only when we stop working on improving ourselves that we’re really in trouble, right? I’m OK.


Q: When asked if you were NICE or MEAN above, you chose “Both” as your answer. Please explain. And would you also share this funny story we’ve heard told, about your sister referring to you as mean at the most inappropriate time?

A: I can be both, but honestly, for the most part, friends and family think that I’m mean…and sometimes I am.   I remember a few years ago when I was having some dental work done, they had put the gas mask over my face and I was supposed to fall asleep, but I wouldn’t. I just kept talking and talking and talking and my dentist finally yelled, “Nonnie, shut up!” It was so funny, had I not been a little affected by the gas, I would have laughed out loud. But, I could hear my sister in the background laughing, saying, “She’s so mean, she’s frightening the gas!” LOL! They kept increasing the gas until finally the dental assistant said, “We’re giving her more than we should already, she’s getting enough that would knock out a 300 lb. man!” My dental assistant came over, rubbed my hair and asked why wouldn’t I allow the medicine to take affect? (My sister, still in the background, responding for me, says “Because she’s mean and medicine doesn’t affect mean people.” Then she’d laugh again!) I explained that every time you turn on the television, you hear stories about people becoming addicted to drugs…people you would think had strong minds. I vowed a long time ago that my mind was stronger than any drug and although I’ve never tried anything stronger than the Hydrocodone they gave me last summer after surgery, I still don’t wish to take any chances by taking any kind of drug, unless it’s utterly necessary. Even after my surgery last summer, after spending a week in the hospital, I called the doctor to ask if I could stop taking my pain medicine. This, after having MAJOR surgery! The doctor and nurses asked, “Why would you want to do that?” I said that I just didn’t like taking any kind of drug that could possibly become addictive. John F. can tell you that I fought thru some serious pain during my 2 month recovery, and I worked on RRBC business thru that pain, as well, without any kind of drugs. So, the moral of this story is, some might call it mean…I call it a special kind of strength and determination, wrapped up in scowl.


Q: Lastly, everyone knows by now that you don’t like cats. What did the poor animals ever do to you?

A: A cat has never been close enough to do anything to me, but ever since I was a child, I’ve had this strong fear of cats! I have nightmares about cats scratching my face. My mom used to jokingly say, “That’s because you’re vain.” This fear (phobia) has carried on into my adulthood so much so, that I feel if a cat was to get close enough to brush up against my leg, I’d drop dead right in my tracks. Seriously! If I’m looking thru a magazine and I turn a page and a cat is there, I drop the magazine. If a cat comes on a commercial while watching television, I immediately turn my head and continually ask “Is it gone? Is it gone?” My hubby and kids make fun of me all the time about my fear of cats. They love cats, by the way. #SickPeople! They walk around the house sometimes, making the “Meow” sound. They are the ones who are mean! And lastly, I don’t usually follow people with images of cats in their heading. I love Rhani D’Chae, but I try to stay off of her Twitter and Facebook timelines. #ShesACatLady!


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  1. Ah, Nonnie – you can scare strong medication but cats will send you into a CATatonic state? I guess they must be your kryptonite, huh? At least you’re a dog person so you do have furry friends! 😉
    Thanks Jason for having us over today 🙂


  2. Nonnie I have a strange effect from laughing gas too. While its going in intravenously, I get this horrible feeling of impending doom to the point that I am frightened out of my mind and have to come out of it and fast. I get hysterical until they stop administering it. I cannot handle it so I never take it in the dentist office. And you all know I have problems with drugs so I don’t take those either. What it does to you is equally interesting. Something about that gas is questionable. lol


    • Nonnie I’m not too fond of cats either. Although we had cats and dogs growing up, I never felt comfortable around cat, and I had some allergies around them, plus they are too quiet and sneaky for my taste. So I’m with you on this one.


  3. Priceless…”a special kind of strength and determination, wrapped up in scowl.” I love it!

    Thanks, Jason, for asking about cats! I’ve been wondering about this since the tour started!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂


    • How he did it? Let’s see, Joy…I sent him the questions AND the answers! That’s how he did it! Do you think Jason has time to come up with foolery (I love that word…if it’s a word) such as this? NO! He has all those beautiful babies to raise!


      Thanks for stopping by!


  4. More fun Nonnie Info! Well, I thought for a minute about putting my own picture on my Twitter feed,but I figured people would rather look at the Sam, then have to see a picture of this tired old fat girl. Lol
    Jason, thanks so much for hosting a stop on the tour. it was fun to stop in and check out your blog. 😀


  5. This really made me laugh! I can picture the poor dentist’s face as he tried to go about his work.

    On a serious note though, it’s strange how childhood fears can stay with any of us into adulthood. You are so strong Nonnie, you can beat this one too! Thanks for hosting today Jason.


  6. Nonnie, I think we are polar opposites. A messy area or room doesn’t bother me as long as it is a clean mess. Meaning not nasty. Yuck! I rarely get mad and the few times I have, I’ve blown my top, and two seconds later, I was over it. I don’t hold a grudge or stay mad. I chalk this up to a bad memory in that I can’t remember to stay angry. I have this friend who is a fanatical perfectionist and worries about every little thing. She’s also the most organized person I’ve ever known which makes my job easier when I’m monitoring and I love her for it. She keeps saying she’s going to start being a little more like me and not worry so much. The problem is I believe it affects her health. It’s not that I don’t worry. I just do my best not to worry about things that are beyond my control and I do my best to fix whatever is in my control. Like a new policy at work. Will they ever make changes that cause us less work? Oh well. I think I’m like this because my mother worried way too much about every little thing, and I saw how it affected her.


    • I literally can’t stand to see one dish in my sink. If I’m on the treadmill and I see a speck of dust or paper on my floor, I can’t even wait for my workout to be over. I stop the Treadmill, get off, pick up that bit, throw it away, and get back to my exercise. If you leave a cup or glass on the counter too long, it’s gone and washed by the time you turn around. People call my house “magazine ready.” It is. I just started to let these people (hubby and daughters) live in their own spaces (bedrooms). Common areas, always, always in place. Pillows…yep, nowhere to sit on the sofa….it all has to be pretty at all times…LOL. Ask my buddy, John F., he’s seen my house from videos, live feed and photos! He told me he wants to come live in it! LOL. My friends say that they leave mess around when they know I’m coming over to visit because they know I’m going to start cleaning. By the way, I’ve LOVED housework since I was in 3rd grade! I love to wash dishes by hand (was extremely disappointed when my hubby bought new dishwasher a couple of years ago, *I think it’s been that long*). My daughters stare at me like “She’s truly crazy. Who wants to wash dishes by hand?” LOL.

      Hopefully, this will make you all better understand why RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is so orderly! And I think that’s a grand thing!

      I know, I must be some kind of something that ends in .CD…LOL.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kim!


  7. About the cats. I used to have an aunt who had multiple cats, and while my parents were working, she babysat me. She even gave me a kitten once that my mom didn’t let me keep long. Anyway, I petted one of her older cats who seemed to be loving it at the time. It was summer and I was in shorts. When I stopped, got up to walk away that cat jumped up and scratched the back of my leg. Ever since that time until I married, I didn’t care for cats. I have had a couple since then that I dearly loved though. But I’m mostly a dog person and prefer dogs. Chelsea, our last cat, chased big dogs out of the yard. I think she thought she was part dog. What I do like about cats is that they don’t need as much and can pretty much take care of themselves. I hate litter boxes and the cats we’ve had we taught to go out. Btw, my husbands aunt was terrified of cats and would come in if you had a cat. My mother-in-law would either put hers out or in another room when she came to visit. Now, she can tolerate them but not sure when that happened.


    • Oh wow! Please disregard the errors in that last post. Hate that I can’t go back and edit after posting. Never see a mistake until I click “post comment” although I read it multiple times.


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