Hey gang –  only five more days of the LEAP YEAR 2016 RAFFLECOPTER‬ ‪AUTHOR‬ GIVEAWAY‬ and we open it with a guest post from Author Susan Bird.

Before we get to it, I want to take a moment to remind you to check out our original blog post regarding the contest and encourage you to enter for one of 19 great prizes!

And now without further ado – Author Susan Bird!


For Many years, Susan worked as an executive in the beauty Industry. While she considered her educational degrees important, the School of Life is what she most often uses.

She is quoted on her author profile saying: “I write simply because I love it. I write about life. To add uniqueness to my writing all my chapters are song titles, with acknowledgement to the artist. Within every chapter, there lies two stories. My love of music is shared with you and hopefully you will understand the body of the chapter even more, with the song title chosen. All present and future books will be designed this way. I reside in the Inland Empire with my soul-mate.”

Her current published works include Unhinged Fences and Splinters: How a Heart of Neglected Splinters Led to a Heart of Infectious Revenge (Unhinged fences Book 2)


Take a peek into the unexpected life of the girl next door who puts her Susie Homemaker apron away and puts the X in sex.

To Sunday O’Neil, the white-picket fence scenario, the American dream, was how she planned her life , until she opened the gate of that secure fence and walked through it.

Growing up in the late 1960s watching the lovely weekly TV series, “Father Knows Best, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and The Donna Reed Show” all affirmed her expectations. Sunday O’Neil’s parents and relatives also avowed her beliefs. They all had wonderful secure homes with children and a happy healthy environment. The wives looked after the home and children while the husbands provided a stable life and all handled all the major problems of the family.

Thrust into a world she never knew existed…a world of BOOZE, SEX, AND ROCK N ROLL.
Will Sunday O”Neil find her way back??? Does she find her White-Picket fence???


Sunday O’Neil has come to a place in her life that brings peace from all her Unhinged Fences, The white picket fence scenario and the American dream she had lost several times, through three failed marriages and many failed relationships. She has decided to move forward and adopt a new attitude of self-respect, knowing her White Picket Fence was inside her all time, and her happiness was up to her not a partner to make her happy.

Sunday vows to change her taste for men she had been drawn to in the past that only left her with despair. Sunday meets Dean Daniels who is like no one she has ever known. He is kind, loving and has no agenda except to make her happy. Sunday is reluctant to embrace another relationship but she involuntarily likes Dean and is surprised by the attraction, not being the stereotypical type she has been drawn to in the past. Aside from her personal failures Sunday O’Neil is a savvy business woman who is very successful.

Sunday is pursued to be an associate and fill the employment needs of a up and coming Solar business. Sunday takes on a huge endeavor as a business associate to a Mr. Reinhardt Preston, a very wealthy ruthless business man. This proposal was not merely a choice to be considered by Sunday, but an offer she dare not refuse, as there are devastating consequences if she does. A love hate business relationship emerges and there are lies, and deception to Mr. Preston’s proposal of association.


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