One year anniversary of my first fictional release – “Another Sunset” (November 28, 2014)

Over the US Thanksgiving Holiday, my first fictional release – “Another Sunset” will celebrate one year in release – November 28, 2014.

Another Sunset by Jason Zandri

I am really excited at this milestone for a few reasons.

First, I never thought I’d get here. If you tried to suggest to me in the spring of 2014 that I would be a published author before the end of the year, I would have lightly laughed at the notion. I would have been wrong in laughing because that is exactly what happened.

I had the idea for “Another Sunset” in my head for over fifteen years when suddenly one summer, the summer of 2014, I simply decided “it’s time to write this”.

Since then I simply kept going and I am now four novels in release, one novella (“Before Another Sunset”) and one new title on the way for November. I am aiming for November 27th with “As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence” (The As Life Goes Series Book 2).

Second, for every one person that has put me down or tried to make me feel small at my success (inadvertently or intentionally) I have meet five more that helped me, gave me guidance, offered me their thoughts, lent me their expertise, or just let me whine and complain (to get it out of my system).

The gang over at Rave Reviews Book Club have gone a LONG way in getting me started “right”. Everything I learned there I might have learned over a few years time anyway, but the membership there allowed me an immense and immediate ramp up into the writing side of the literary world. Beyond that, I met a pretty diverse group of uber supportive people.

I have also met numerous more, very supportive people, across many Facebook groups that I am involved in. While there are many that are effectively “marketing only” (very little other interaction) there are a few that are of the discussion and support type. My favorite go to group (to which only half of my titles actually apply) is the Clean Indie Reads group

I guess as an additional point, it really is nice to see people buying your work. Am I selling tens of thousands of copies? Nope. I have to check my numbers again to see if I hit one thousand yet; I know I am really close. (Sales – if I coun’t books given away at events / contests / for reviews, etc. then I am 1,400+) If I can make one thousand sales before November 27th I’ll be happy I hit a stretch goal of mine.

With nearly 200 unique reviews at Amazon, GoodReads, B&N, and across various author / reader blogs, as far as I am concerned, I am a huge success.

Thank you for being a part of it and celebrating it with me.

Before Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 1)

Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 2)

I Hero: The Beginning (The I, Hero Series Book 1)

I Hero: Nathan Returns (The I, Hero Series Book 2)

As Life Goes: Elementary (The As Life Goes Series Book 1)

As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence (The As Life Goes Series Book 2)

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You have arrived at THE GUNDERSTONE REVIEW – Location:  Wallingford, Connecticut

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Here’s What I’m Giving Away Today:

Kindle version of Another Sunset
Kindle version of As Life Goes: Elementary
Kindle version of I, Hero: The Beginning
Kindle version of I, Hero: Nathan Returns (due September 15th)

Number of Winners for this stop – FOUR, and here are the FOUR winners:

1st place: Linda Mims – Kindle version of Another Sunset

2nd place: Kim Cox – Kindle version of As Life Goes: Elementary

3rd place: J. B. Hawker/Jonna Turek – Kindle version of I, Hero: The Beginning

4th place: Jack James – Kindle version of I, Hero: Nathan Returns (due September 15th)


Hello everyone – thanks for stopping by.

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you (those that might not know who I am, anyway) and to also showcase my completed works, ones that will be released in the middle of the block party, and my little road map to the future.

So with that…


Jason has been working in the information technology field in one form or the other since 1996. He is currently employed full time at Bloomberg LP as a Systems Engineer in the R&D group. Jason lives in Wallingford Connecticut, with his wife Renata. He is the father to four children, three boys and 1 girl – 6 years (Alex), 7 years (Adam), 9 years (Angela), and 11 years old (Andrew).

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My books

Before Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 1)

before another sunset

SYNOPSIS – Westville, Texas. A small town with friendly people; families that have stayed and endured life’s ups and downs. Many have left as the town no longer can fully support its own. An old woman maintains one of the remaining small businesses at the center of town, helped by Maria, her second floor tenant. Maria’s daughter Caroline starts to question her father’s absence. She also dreams up an idea to help the local library. Friends uncover true feelings and a kind drifter’s travels bring him closer to the town. – PREQUEL NOVELLA TO “ANOTHER SUNSET” 

FAVORITED REVIEWLooking forward to more by this author

Before Another Sunset review


Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 2) 

Another Sunset Cover

SYNOPSIS – David Stephenson is a kind drifter who comes to settle in the small Texas town of Westville. His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents of the failing town as they welcome and befriend him. During his stay he helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and while doing so excites and energizes the whole town to help out. Lives change as fate takes a critical turn. The local would-be reporter, tasked by David’s longtime friend, takes off on a mission to unravel the mystery of his travels, where he came from, and discovers why he is on his journey.

FAVORITED REVIEWAbsolutely Terrific

Another Sunset review


As Life Goes: Elementary

as-life-goes FINAL cover large

SYNOPSIS – “Every new beginning starts from nothing. Understanding that you can have everything in the love of one person, isn’t that worth the risk of personal capital? Isn’t that kind of love worth it?” – Diane Wakeford

“Have I ever told you, you’re the nicest boy I’ve ever met?” – Melissa Bancroft

“I will have the friends I want. I don’t care what boy likes me or what boy I like. You’re an awesome friend. I am not giving you up because we’re going to different schools or for any one person either.” – Elizabeth Wellsworth

Mark Sanford returns to his hometown with his son Matthew in tow to rebuild their lives. Recently divorced, and with the mother totally abandoning her parental responsibilities, both father and son are beginning their fresh start together.

Matthew begins to make new friends in the neighborhood and at school while he tries to find his place among people that have been friends with one another for years at elementary school.

Mark takes over the reins of the former family corner store with the help of a young woman looking for work. The ability to love and trust that woman entering his life is difficult for him because of all he has lost. For Matthew, that “first love” is difficult to understand without a motherly influence and with a father that has been deeply hurt.

FAVORITED REVIEWI have enjoyed his work



I, Hero: The Beginning


SYNOPSIS – An everyday man, living less than ordinary life in New York City, simply makes his way about his work life and one at home. A kind heart and an empathetic soul, who tended to think of others before he thought of himself.

With his childhood totally left behind and gone with the final resting of his father, Nathan has come to terms with his past as he forges his life in the present, unaware of what lies ahead.

An unlikely friendship, a random act of violence, a budding romance, all part of a life changed.

“When it’s your time, there’s nothing you can do to change that outcome. The only thing you can do is meet it head on. You have to hope that the life you had with others, while you were here, has made a positive impact.” – Brian Devron

“Where there is darkness, you are light. Where others know fear, you will be brave. When there are setbacks, you will persevere. Where others find weakness, you bring strength. Where there is despair, you are hope. Where cowardice falls, you rise courageously. Where others do not have the ability to believe, you have faith. You will suffer, so that others will endure. You will triumph where others would fall.” – Cici Johnson

“This is it; it all changes tonight. Anything I do tonight, at a minimum, is going to at least expose all of this to the world.” – Nathan Devron.

FAVORITED REVIEWInteresting hero story 



I, Hero: Nathan Returns

Nathan Returns

SYNOPSIS – Nathan is back in New York City; the place where it all started, nearly one year later. While he has been away, he has been establishing a base of operations and trying to follow the direction his life has taken – making a difference and answering the call for help where and when he is needed.

He has returned to this birthplace of his powers with more questions of why he is on the path he is on and what is expected of him.

During a dangerous rescue, his powers dissipate, and leave him critically vulnerable.

He connects back with old friends who help him rediscover the man he used to be to in order to help him be the man he has become and the man who he must be.

Magical forces come into play, pulling on nature itself, which introduces an unexpected challenge to Nathan while he is at this perilous juncture.

The pendulum swings even farther out of alignment; it is up to Nathan to respond before forces are set into motion that cannot be countered.



I, Hero: The Beginning
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt I
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt II
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt III
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt IV

I, Hero: Nathan Returns
“I, Hero: Nathan Returns” – Excerpt I
“I, Hero: Nathan Returns” – Excerpt II



This is the roadmap I am using for both of my series – “As Life Goes” and “I, Hero”. Obviously these dates are all fluid and subject to change but if I an stay on track, this is my release intent:

As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence – (expected November 2015)
As Life Goes: The Reunion – (expected April 2016)
As Life Goes: The Wedding (expected July 2016)
As Life Goes: The Funeral (expected October 2016)

I Hero: Untitled Book 3 (Expected first half 2016)
I Hero: Untitled Book 4 (Expected second half 2016)
I Hero: Untitled Book 5 (Expected first half 2017)


I find it sort of funny personally that I haven’t yet named the next three books in the “I, Hero” series (the titles just seem to escape me for the moment). I mean, it’s not like I play dress up for the “As Life Goes” series.

Two Iron Patriots edits Use me edits

But I digress…


Well, I guess that’s a wrap!

Thanks for stopping by “my place”. Drop a note below and share your thoughts and comments.  Good luck on winning my giveaways!  I’ll see you at the next stop of the #RRBC BOOK and BLOG BLOCK PARTY!

The idea for this added section of the blog post was COMPLETELY STOLEN from Jan Hawke


This party is still going on all September long.

September 1, 2015


September 2, 2015

Three new reviews for Another Sunset as the current segment of the blog tour wraps

As my blog tour for “Another Sunset” wraps up (and the one for the “As Life Goes” series begins) I am excited to promote three new professional reviews; two FIVE STAR reviews and one four star review.

The TOUR LINE-UP for ANOTHER SUNSET is available via the 4WillsPublishing Author Services site and the reviews are available via Readers’ Favorite site

I am really looking forward to the extra exposure these three reviews bring to the book as well as the exposure the tour brings to all of my titles.

Readers Favorite

Welcome to the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour!

Please stay tuned over at 4WillsPublishing Author Services they are organizing, promoting, and servicing my three week blog tour for all my published work and a couple of efforts that are still unreleased.

This week is the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour and we are on day three today over at Beth Hale’s blog.

Today ALSO marks the kick off of the Kindle Countdown Deal for “Another Sunset” – for the next seven days, until Monday evening August 3rd, you can get it for just $0.99. (After the deal ends it goes back up to the incredibly expensive regular price of $2.99).

So don’t wait! Now is your chance to get “Another Sunset” on sale.

Please be sure to stop by the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour, visit all the guest sites that are hosting me, and read all about what I have going on.

Thank you so much for following, reading my blog, and being a fan of my work.

“I, Hero – The Beginning” propels my author rankings to all time high levels

With the release and the Kindle Countdown deal on the one month old “I, Hero – The Beginning” and my continuing sale of “Another Sunset” I have new author ranking highs on Amazon.

Here are my stats for “I, Hero – The Beginning”

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #19,590 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)
#23 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Mythology & Folk Tales > Mythology
#86 in Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Superheroes
#115 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Fairy Tales

And the rest of my ranking are as follows:

23 mythology new

23 mythology 02

All Books 06252015

Kindle eBooks 06252015_2

Kindle eBooks 06252015_2 BOOKS Fant 06252015_8 BOOKS LitFic 06252015_6 BOOKS SciFi 06252015_7 Fant 06252015_5 LitFic 06252015_3 SciFi 06252015_4

Goodreads Book Giveaway for TEN copies of Another Sunset

I am really excited regarding this current Book Giveaway For Another Sunset. The giveaways have helped me build my audience (along with other efforts that I have been engaging in such as being an active and engaged member at Rave Reviews Book Club among other things) – since the late November release of the book, six months ago, I have managed to receive 50 reviews at Amazon.

I have a few less at GoodReads (and some are duplicated from the Amazon reviewers and vice versa) but I am happy to have all the feedback. I think the details from those reviews speak for themselves.

Thank you all for making my first work a of fiction a great success; I am looking to the future for even bigger and better things with Another Sunset as the word spreads about the story to other readers.

That and I am also looking forward to calling more attention to my new release – “I Hero – The Beginning” which is on sale now.

In the meantime – here is the information regarding my Goodreads Book Giveaway for TEN copies of Another Sunset

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Another Sunset by Jason Zandri

Another Sunset

by Jason Zandri

Giveaway ends June 13, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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