I, Hero: The Beginning is in the running – Vote for The Best Indie Books of 2015

“Throughout the month of November, book lovers on Facebook, on internet forums, in book clubs across America, across the United Kingdom and across the world, discussed, debated and argued about  self-published (indie) books. And then they came to ReadFree.ly to nominate their favorites. Thousands of nominations poured in.

We’ve whittled that number down to 100 books, and we’ve sorted them into 10 shortlists. Now we need you to vote. Tell us which books deserve to be crowned The 50 Best Indie Books of 2015.”
Vote for The 50 Best Indie Books of 2015: Fantasy – I, Hero: The Beginning is eligible; I hope you can support me by going to http://www.readfree.ly/indie50-vote-2015-fantasy/ and casting your vote for me and “I, Hero: The Beginning”.

The Beginning