BLOG TOUR ‘It’s Reigning Men’ on A Word With Traci

Welcome to the second week of the ‘It’s Reigning Men’ tour at AWWT! This week, I am pleased to host a special friend of mine, and super nice guy. I recently read his book and truly was so touched by his words, I will never view “another sunset” (the concept, not the book) the same. No pun intended. Please welcome, Jason Zandri to AWWT!

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FROM THE BLOG OF – How To Garner Reviewer Interest – by D A Bale

D A Bale is an up and coming indie author who started up her blog at “A blog about indie authors for indie authors and readers alike” as she puts it “to take advantage of the rapidly advancing changes in the publishing industry”.

According to the rest of her profile – “I love to host blog tours and conduct author interviews and book reviews. It is my pleasure to use this forum to promote authors and inform readers.”

I just stumbled across her blog today as part of my own effort to promote my own novel and her four part series “How To Garner Reviewer Interest” is just too timely for me to not share with other indie authors so here are those posts and the direct links:

How To Garner Reviewer Interest – Part One

How To Garner Reviewer Interest – Part Two

How To Garner Reviewer Interest – Part Three

How To Garner Reviewer Interest – Part Four

Sage advice – read it, learn it, know it.

None of us are destined for greatness. That should not deter any of us from attempting to achieve great things.