Not Having Children by Nancy Roman

In her own words – “Nancy Roman is a sixty-something English major who ended up (by the desire not to starve) with an MBA. While maintaining a long and successful career in Finance, she returned to writing a few years ago. Her essay “My Perfect Mess” was included in Marlo Thomas’ collection, “The Right Words At The Right Time, Volume II.” Roman recently published her debut novel, “Just What I Always Wanted,” available on Amazon. In her popular blog, “Not Quite Old”, she writes lighthearted memories of childhood, the silly side of marriage, and her admittedly hopeless attempts to stay as young as possible.”

I ran across a random blog post of hers today titled Not Having Children. In the forward she wrote “I wrote this essay fourteen years ago. This Mother’s Day, I find I am ready to share it.”

I believe this is the single best blog post I’ve read to date this year and I have to wonder how many others will agree.