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Rebecca Reilly is a retired pastor, a massage therapist, and the author of Christian Sex and Marriage—It’s Complicated.


The Power of Casual Touch

Kaila’s Story – Married 28 years

We’ve been married a long time. I’m not attracted to him anymore. He’s hurt me too much. I don’t want to touch him, much less have sex with him.

Mia’s Story – Married 13 years

It’s not his fault. We’ve just grown apart. I don’t know what to do. I know I don’t want a divorce, but I don’t want him to touch me either.

Anne’s Story – Married 4 years

Everything he does drives me crazy. I don’t know why I married him.

Melina’s Story – Married 21 years

There’s too much resentment. Too much neglect. He’s a good man to other people, but he doesn’t pay attention to me. I don’t think of him fondly.

My heart breaks as I read and listen to stories of marriages on the brink of destruction. Sometimes, intense counseling is necessary to aid healing. Check with your church and with people you trust to find a counselor who understands and supports your faith and is trained to help you in your situation.


When affection for your spouse disappears, it does not need to be lost forever. You have a powerful God who fills you with powerful love. “For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline” (2 Timothy 1:7). You have the almighty God of the universe to fill you, sustain you, and love you as you are.

The focus here is on you. What can you do to rekindle your love and affection for your spouse? How committed are you to allow God to change your heart? Can you do the work needed without expectation that your partner will ever return your love? Because if you focus on changing your mate into something you want, nothing but frustration, anger, and pain awaits.

If you are willing to risk rejection, to give more than you thought possible, and to try day after day after day, casual touch is a powerful tool to spark a dying love.

Research studies across the board demonstrate that affectionate touching is essential for emotional development; it also eases physical pain, slows the heart rate, drops blood pressure, and speeds up recovery from illness. In other words, touch has the power to heal.

Affectionate touch heals physically. It heals emotionally. And it heals relationally. Casual touch says I love you, and you are important to me. Most importantly in this case, casual affectionate touch begins to build a love bridge that reaches from you to your spouse.

When you make the conscious and deliberate step to act out an emotion you once felt, your heart begins to feel again. Not the first time, not the second, and maybe not the third. But if you desire to love your spouse, and you demonstrate that love before you feel it, amazing things can happen. There is power in demonstrating love without feeling the emotional tie. By choosing to love, by using your mind to consciously decide to demonstrate affection, affection grows. Love grows.

If possible, ask your spouse to hold you every morning and every night—just a thirty-second hug. Asking brings your spouse onto the love bridge. It helps build the affection for him or her, too. If you cannot ask, you must step forward and do. Hug. Hold. Be physically close for thirty seconds.

Reach for his hand whenever you can. Put your arm around her as you walk or sit. Two, three, four times a day initiate affectionate touch. Come back and try again later if your partner pulls away. Let him or her know you need to touch and be touched. You will not give up on your relationship.

What do you have to lose? It does not compare to what you have to gain.


How Do I Touch You? Let Me Count the Ways

When it comes to casual touch, it is best to trust your instincts. If you think about touching your spouse, do it. Catch his or her eye and smile; just a second adds power to your message of love.

Hold hands whenever possible.

Hug each other. Hold on a few seconds too long.

Play footsies under your dinner table.

Put your head in his lap as you watch a movie or the news.

Pull her head to your lap and give her a scalp massage. Cup her head with both hands and slowly move your fingers in circles. Ask her how it feels. Does she want it softer or harder? You can also gently pull strands of hair. Move across her scalp as you pull.

Use your fingernails as you stroke up his forearm.

Give her a hand massage. Use lotion and your thumb to give steady pressure.

Use his electric razor to shave his face. Have him lie down in bed. Use gentle strokes to put him to sleep.

Massage her feet. Use lotion. Press your thumbs in circles across her arch. Run your fingertips along the base of her toes. Rub her heal across the palm of your hand. Just touch, smooth, and pamper her.

Giving your spouse a full body massage does a lot of wonderful things for your relationship. If you make this a regular part of your life, you might want to purchase a fairly cheap portable massage table. If not, the sofa or bed works, but can be hard on the body of the giver. Start with gentle pressure. You are giving and receiving touch, not trying to release knots. Smooth, long, confident strokes feel good. Use lotion, and try to avoid jerky movements. Women tend to carry tension in the muscles around their neck. Do not squeeze too tightly. Ask how the pressure feels and adjust. Men tend to carry their tension in their lower back. Use your thumbs and push up and down along the spine (one thumb on each side), then use the heel of your hand to press from the spine toward the hip in the lower back.

The buttocks hold large muscles. You can roll your fist across them, or use the palm of your hand to go deeper. Again, ask how your pressure feels and adjust.

When massaging the legs and arms, begin at the extremities (feet or hands) and move toward the heart. Long, firm, gentle strokes feel good and are comforting.

One of the most relaxing massages is one done on the face. Begin with your fingertips at the center of your spouse’s forehead. Bring your hands down to his or her temples, one hand on each side. Move your fingertips in circular motions over the temples. Repeat several times. Press one finger on each side of the bridge of the nose. Move your fingers, pressing over the sinus area. Use your fingertips to rub circles over the joint of the jaw, and then gently massage the outer part of the ears. Finish with a scalp massage.


On Your Own

Look in the mirror and remind yourself of these facts every day:

  • God knows my every fault, and He loves me deeply.
  • I am worthy to be loved.
  • I am a masterpiece created by the God who invented beauty.
  • God blessed me with talents, some of which I have not yet discovered.
  • God has forgiven me. I must forgive myself.
  • It is right to love myself. I see value in who I am.
  • I am a work in progress. I like where I am going.

Evaluate yourself:

  • In 2 Thessalonians 1:3, Paul says, “We ought always to thank God for you, brothers and sisters, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love all of you have for one another is increasing.” Do you believe your love for your spouse can increase? What can you do to help your love grow?
  • Affectionate love and sexual love go together in good marriages. Which type of love is strongest in you? Which type of love is strongest in your marriage? Do you see the value in working on each type of love? Why or why not? What strategies do you have for working on affectionate love? On sexual love?
  • What keeps you from casually touching your spouse more often? Can you change that?
  • Count how many times you casually touch your spouse in one day. Add to it the next day.


Sometime this week, say these things to your spouse:

  • You are worthy to be loved.
  • I am worthy to be loved.
  • I need to touch you. I need you to touch me.
  • Can I give you a massage?
  • I think about you when you are gone.
  • I’m glad we’re friends as well as lovers.
  • I need your affection.
  • You make me happy.
  • I love you. I’m glad I married you. I’d marry you again tomorrow.

Open Communication

Conversation Starters

  • What is the most sensitive part of your body to touch?
  • What do I do that that tells you I love you?
  • If we were in a room full of people and couldn’t have sex, what five things could I do to show you I want you, I need you, and I love you?
  • Did you see/feel a lot of affection when you were growing up?
  • How can we model affection for our children?


Just an Idea

  • Take a walk. Hold hands the entire time.
  • While watching television, exchange scalp and neck massages. One partner sits on the floor in front of the other. Switch half way through the show.
  • Do a mundane chore together (washing dishes, folding laundry, etc). Casually touch often throughout the time you work.
  • Bet a fifteen-minute back massage on the next sporting event you watch together.




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100 things we all wonder about Nonnie Jules blog tour



(2) $10 Amazon Gift Cards

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(2) e-book copies of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…”


Anyone who purchases a copy of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and send to me a copy of the purchase receipt to, and also leave a comment along the tour, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card! One entry for each book that is purchased, whether in e-book or paperback format. Purchases must take place between 2/14/16 – 2/29/16. If you’ve already purchased all of my books, then feel free to gift a friend, just for the chance to win!!! Spend a little, and you could win a lot!!!


Anyone who reads and posts a review of “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE…” “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” or “IF ONLY THERE WAS MUSIC” and sends the link to their review to, will get their name entered into a drawing for a $20 Amazon gift card! One entry for each book read and reviewed. Reviews must be posted between 2/16/16 – 3/15/16 to be placed into the drawing.


Sunday, 2/14/16: John Fioravanti
Monday, 2/15/16: Harmony Kent
Tuesday, 2/16/16: Lizzie Chantree
Wednesday, 2/17/16: John Howell  AND Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko
Thursday, 2/18/16: Gwen Plano AND Book Review w/Janelle Jalbert
Friday, 2/19/16: Wendy Scott
Saturday, 2/20/16: Patricia w/Room with Books AND Jan Hawke


And now, five more questions towards “100 things we all wonder about Nonnie Jules”

Q: If you could have been given another name, what would it have been? Your preference.

A: Shelby


Q: I’m going to give you 4 choices. Select the adjective from each choice which others would say best describes you. Happy or Sad? Nice or Mean? Selfish or Generous? Leader or Follower?

A: Happy, Both, Both….do I really need to answer this last one?   🙂


Q: If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

A: There are so many things that I should change about myself, but you’ve asked me for only one. I often say to people that I love me just the way that I am…red hot temper and all…and I do! But, there is something that I work at constantly, and it’s the fact that I’m a little hard on people, especially when they mess up. I wouldn’t call me a “3 strikes, you’re out!” kind of girl. Sometimes, all it takes is one strike. I’m quick to dismiss those that have hurt me, or have done something in my eyes, which I’ve viewed as a “wrong.” My husband and my sweet daughters are so kind and forgiving. I often stare at them as if there’s something wrong with them…and I wonder, “Why is it you people never get upset?” They don’t know how to hold grudges, which I view as an awesome thing! I wish I was a member of that club, for sure. Cross me, and then visit Webster (the dictionary), and there you will find my photo. As I’ve gotten older, I have learned to not let so many things bother me as much, and instead of holding on to things and expecting perfection from others, I am trying to “meet people where they are, messy rooms and all.” I’m a work in progress, guys. It’s only when we stop working on improving ourselves that we’re really in trouble, right? I’m OK.


Q: When asked if you were NICE or MEAN above, you chose “Both” as your answer. Please explain. And would you also share this funny story we’ve heard told, about your sister referring to you as mean at the most inappropriate time?

A: I can be both, but honestly, for the most part, friends and family think that I’m mean…and sometimes I am.   I remember a few years ago when I was having some dental work done, they had put the gas mask over my face and I was supposed to fall asleep, but I wouldn’t. I just kept talking and talking and talking and my dentist finally yelled, “Nonnie, shut up!” It was so funny, had I not been a little affected by the gas, I would have laughed out loud. But, I could hear my sister in the background laughing, saying, “She’s so mean, she’s frightening the gas!” LOL! They kept increasing the gas until finally the dental assistant said, “We’re giving her more than we should already, she’s getting enough that would knock out a 300 lb. man!” My dental assistant came over, rubbed my hair and asked why wouldn’t I allow the medicine to take affect? (My sister, still in the background, responding for me, says “Because she’s mean and medicine doesn’t affect mean people.” Then she’d laugh again!) I explained that every time you turn on the television, you hear stories about people becoming addicted to drugs…people you would think had strong minds. I vowed a long time ago that my mind was stronger than any drug and although I’ve never tried anything stronger than the Hydrocodone they gave me last summer after surgery, I still don’t wish to take any chances by taking any kind of drug, unless it’s utterly necessary. Even after my surgery last summer, after spending a week in the hospital, I called the doctor to ask if I could stop taking my pain medicine. This, after having MAJOR surgery! The doctor and nurses asked, “Why would you want to do that?” I said that I just didn’t like taking any kind of drug that could possibly become addictive. John F. can tell you that I fought thru some serious pain during my 2 month recovery, and I worked on RRBC business thru that pain, as well, without any kind of drugs. So, the moral of this story is, some might call it mean…I call it a special kind of strength and determination, wrapped up in scowl.


Q: Lastly, everyone knows by now that you don’t like cats. What did the poor animals ever do to you?

A: A cat has never been close enough to do anything to me, but ever since I was a child, I’ve had this strong fear of cats! I have nightmares about cats scratching my face. My mom used to jokingly say, “That’s because you’re vain.” This fear (phobia) has carried on into my adulthood so much so, that I feel if a cat was to get close enough to brush up against my leg, I’d drop dead right in my tracks. Seriously! If I’m looking thru a magazine and I turn a page and a cat is there, I drop the magazine. If a cat comes on a commercial while watching television, I immediately turn my head and continually ask “Is it gone? Is it gone?” My hubby and kids make fun of me all the time about my fear of cats. They love cats, by the way. #SickPeople! They walk around the house sometimes, making the “Meow” sound. They are the ones who are mean! And lastly, I don’t usually follow people with images of cats in their heading. I love Rhani D’Chae, but I try to stay off of her Twitter and Facebook timelines. #ShesACatLady!


To follow Nonnie’s tour and to get more of your questions answered, please visit her Blog Tour Page on the 4WillsPub site Thanks for stopping by today and good luck on winning some of these great prizes!











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1If Only There Was Music book cover

THE BLOG TOUR – starring Author Gordon Bickerstaff

Blog 6 The Best and Simplest Advice for New Aspiring Writers

If you aspired to be an electrician or a plumber then you would spend a few years learning your craft. If you aspire to be a writer then it is important to learn your craft, and to learn the writing craft you need to take off your reading for enjoyment hat, and put on your apprentice writer hat.

Learn from the experts. Read a book for enjoyment then read it again as an apprentice writer with a critical reviewer hat on. Discover how the writer held your interest. Learn the writer’s techniques in unfolding the story. Examine how the writer has revealed and described characters, and places. When I’ve read a good book, I may read it three times (not in succession) to understand the writer’s techniques. If I learn something, I make a note – maybe a paragraph, maybe a page to remind me of good technique/style/exposition etc.

If you want to learn the writing craft; you should make notes. What worked in the book? Equally, what didn’t you like? No book can satisfy all readers, and experienced writers do make mistakes in storytelling. You will come across different writing styles and voices. Find one that you like so that you can define your own style and voice.

Compare books by the same author, and compare books by different authors. More than likely you will read in the genre that you like, but also dabble in other genres, and look at the different writing techniques used in different genres. Now, your notebook of the writing craft is building up, and you are gaining a good understanding of what writing techniques you like, and which ones you don’t like. Maybe you will come up with your own hybrid style that people like to read. More important, when you come to write, you will employ established writing techniques that will bring your story and its characters to life.

Agatha Christie read 200 books every year. President Theodore Roosevelt read a book every day. Harriet Klausner had posted 31,014 books reviews on Amazon before she died. Though some critics believe she couldn’t have read them all.

The time it takes to read a book depends on how quickly you read. If you read at an average 250 words per minute it might take one and a half minutes to read a page. So a 300 page novel will take 420 minutes or 7 hours. If you read for an hour a day then it will take a week to finish.

Some people read more books by speed reading – taking in a line at a time. I found that if I take in the words too quickly, I sometimes miss the significance, and reading is less enjoyable. When I’m not writing, I can read and enjoy a 300 page book in a week. If it is well written, I’ll read it again with my apprentice hat on, and learn something from the writer. Good writers write good stories, and use good techniques to tell their stories.


Buy Gordon Bickerstaff’s Books

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Amazon-UK – The Black Fox (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #3)

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Deadly Secrets (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #1)

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THE BLOG TOUR – starring Author D.M. Cain


Profile pic

From an early age I was always more interested when things went wrong in the world. The light, fluffy Disney world of my younger childhood was left behind as I passed into my teenage years and surrounded myself with works of dystopian fiction such as George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451.

This love of a futuristic world gone wrong spilled over into my movie taste as well. So, here is a list of my favourite dystopian movies of all time, appearing in no particular order. What are your favourites?

Dystopian movies list:

  1. 12 monkeys – a delightfully creepy and mysterious film with excellent acting and a gripping storyline. The music has an unhinged, fairground ride kind of feel to it as well.
  2. A Clockwork Orange – probably my personal favourite dystopian movie (and book) ever, A Clockwork Orange is unnerving and philosophical, beautifully filmed, and with a huge underground following.
  3. A.I. – I know a lot of people hated this movie, and fair play to them, because the last twenty minutes are terrible. (Why oh why didn’t it end when he was under the water?) But, what comes before that is excellent. The little boy is creepy and yet you feel so sorry for him. He just wants to be loved  The ‘flesh fair’ is such a horrifying concept too. I thought those scenes were brilliant.
  4. Casshern – Unknown to many, this Japanese classic really does deserve to get more credit. Casshern has literally everything you could ever want from a sci-fi film – unhinged scientists playing God, divine intervention, humans killing what they don’t understand, the underdogs rising in their masses. Plus, of course, epic and beautiful fight scenes, a deep and morally taxing storyline and the potential for great debate and discussion afterwards. Just thinking about it makes me yearn to go and watch it right now…
  5. Children of Men – one of the bleakest and most depressing films I’ve ever seen. I love the way this film pulls no punches. Nobody is safe from the death and desolation in this film. A true, gritty dystopian.
  6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – another fine example of what happens when humans step beyond their place (I do very much enjoy films where humans are the bad guys!)
  7. District 9 – some awesome fight scenes, especially with the alien weapons which are so cool! But this film is not just about the aliens. Yet again, it’s about the humans abusing them, treating them as scum and stripping them of all rights. It’s no coincidence the film was shot in Johannesburg…
  8. The Hunger Games – everybody loves The Hunger Games. Katniss is amazing, of course, strong and independent. She fights the system and refuses to conform to their brutality.
  9. Looper – A really clever storyline (though it definitely had me scratching my head at times. Hang on – is he in the future or…?) I also enjoyed that sword of Damocles feeling – that his choices in life were definitely going to catch up with him, no matter what he did.
  10. V for Vendetta – This isn’t just a film. It’s art. That scene where Natalie Portman cried in the rain – so beautiful. You can’t help but feel yourself wanting to rise up with V and fight the power
  11. Watchmen – Not your average superhero story, every one of these antiheroes has some sort of dark, unhinged past. I loved Rorschach so much… And The Tales of the Black Freighter side story was one of the darkest, most horrific things I’ve ever read, and I flipping well loved it!

My latest novel, The Phoenix Project, features a man struggling to stay alive in a prison where inmates are forced to fight each other to the death. It isn’t just his physical circumstances that threaten his life; it’s also the demons within in his own mind. I drew upon my love of dystopia to write this novel and I can definitely see influences from these movies within my writing. So, if you’re a fan of dystopia too, why not check it out?

Don’t miss my Author Party Event ( on Friday, January 15th at 1pm CST!!

The Phoenix Project full cover

The Phoenix Project



Barnes and Noble:


GIVEAWAYS ON THE TOUR:  (2) book bundles – (1) paperback of THE PHOENIX PROJECT along with (1) paperback of her children’s book, SOREN!

To be eligible to win one of these sets, merely leave a comment on any stop along the tour, including this one and you could be one of our two lucky winners!!!



D.M. Cain is a dystopian and fantasy author working for US publisher Booktrope. She has released three novels: The Phoenix Project – a psychological thriller set in a dystopian future, Soren – a middle-grade fantasy, and A Chronicle of Chaos – the first in a dark fantasy series. She is currently working on the next novel in the series, ‘The Shield of Soren’, and a novella to accompany it.

D.M. Cain is also a member of the International Thriller Writers and is one of the creators and administrators of the online author group #Awethors. Her short story ‘The End’ was published in Awethology Dark – an anthology by the #Awethors.

Cain lives in Leicestershire,  UK, with her husband and young son, and spends her time reading, writing and reviewing books, playing RPGs and listening to symphonic metal.




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Twelve Giveaways of Christmas Blog Tour

On December 14th I am participating in the 12 days of Christmas Blog Tour. All during the tour there will be giveaways for books, gift cards, and other prizes from myself and from all the authors and bloggers listed below.

The tour has a little something for everyone with groupings for both Romance/Suspense novels as well as Fantasy/Paranormal novels.

Come back each day until Christmas for exciting author giveaways on the blogs.

Spread the word on social media to family and friends; this is a great way to discover new authors and their work.

DEC. 14:
Tamara Passey The Christmas Tree Keeper


Britney Mills – 12 Days of Giveaways: #ShareChristmas


DEC. 15:
Melanie Mason – Her Giveaway: A free signed copy of The Ring of Remaliah.


Jason Zandri – MY POST – Twelve Giveaways of Christmas Blog Tour

MY GIVEAWAY – 10 Prizes! 10 WINNERS! RaffleCopter Giveaway


DEC. 16:
Ava Mallory – Mercy & Mayhem


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DEC. 17:
James DiBenedetto


KJ Traynor


DEC. 18:
AJ Harred


Rachel Skatvold


DEC. 19:
Jennifer Kibble


Kari Trumbo


DEC. 20
Lea Doue


Brenda Anderson


Replay of my BLOG TOUR post – I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt II

Over the last week of July and into the first two weeks of August I took all of my past, present, and even my future, road-mapped works “on the road” so to speak with one very long blog tour. Across a number of very generous hosts’ blogs, I was featured as their guest and I had the opportunity to showcase my work.

A portion of that tour was for the “I, Hero” series. I not only talked about my current release “I, Hero: The Beginning” but also introduced readers to “I, Hero: Nathan Returns”.

If you want to check out my free excerpts from “I, Hero: The Beginning”, you can via the links directly below:

I, Hero: The Beginning – Links to Excerpts
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt I
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt II
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt III
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt IV

Book Cover (3)

It was on author A. G. Moye’s blog where I introduced “I, Hero: Nathan Returns” – Excerpt II and I am happy to once again deliver it here for you.

I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt II


Adia closed the apartment door behind her and sighed. She stepped into the kitchen and pulled her phone out of her pocket. It was nearly eight o’clock and there was a new message from her roommate, Melinda, “out with the boyfriend, don’t wait up.”

She smiled, dropped her purse on the table, and walked over to the couch. She flicked the television on, set the remote down, and took her shoes off. She tossed them aside and lay down on the couch.

“…World News with Mark Daniels; thank you for joining us for this special edition of America’s Roundtable. With us tonight…” Adia stopped paying attention, sat up, and grabbed the remote. She was just about to change the station when the topic grabbed her attention.

“…hero or menace? With me to discuss the implications of Nathan, his powers, and his impact, good and bad, on the people is tonight’s distinguished panel of guests.”

Adia set the remote down and fixated her attention on the television.

“To my far left we have U.S. Senator Mackenzie Kelly from New York, who is now serving his third term. To my near left we have General Kevin Westmartin, the most senior member of the US Air Command. On my far right we have Congressman Patrick Johnson from Texas who is now serving his sixth term in that office. To my near right, noted scholar, Professor Rebecca Farnsmith who is the head tutor of the Folklore and Mythology department at Washbury University. Welcome everyone,” he said looking around to the four people sitting around him, “and welcome to everyone at home, tuning in this evening for this special, live broadcast.”

Adia continued to watch as the view on screen changed to smaller news feeds along the right edge and the lower portion of the display. The overall video feed shrank to the upper left two thirds of the screen to accommodate the data streams from the network.

“To remind everyone here and the viewers at home of our format,” Mark said as the camera view focused on him, “this is an open, roundtable discussion. Technically, it can be on any topic; obviously the major topic this evening is Nathan and his extraordinary powers, but the conversation is free to go anywhere. We will only interrupt the discussion if we cannot maintain some semblance of order, which I am sure we all can agree, is needed to have a discussion.”

Mark smiled slightly and looked over to Professor Rebecca Farnsmith. “Let me open the discussion with you Professor Farnsmith. There has been a lot of speculation regarding Nathan’s powers. While they seem to equal, or in some other manner, mimic the fictional characters from EarthWorld comics, there has been a smaller discussion, mainly from your current and prior students, as well as followers of your work, that they are rooted in the characters from Greek Mythology.”

The camera panned past Congressman Johnson, who had a look of disbelief on his face over the comment, and stopped at Professor Farnsmith.

“Thank you for the opening, Mark. First let me say the beings from Greek Mythology were not ‘characters’,” she said turning casually, propping her seated position. She wanted to have presence, but she did not want to insult or dominate. “We believe through our studies of the writings and records, that these beings existed here on Earth for an extended period of time.”

“Oh please,” Congressman Johnson said in a burst of contempt. “I thought we were going to discuss this man Nathan and his threat to our society; not sorcery, or some such, from two thousand years ago.”

“What’s harder to believe Congressman?” Professor Farnsmith responded quickly, defending her position and turning towards him. “That there are very powerful beings that once visited us from another realm; where they once lived among us, and the people of that time thought of them as gods. Or is it easier to believe there is a man flying around, with the powers of the fictional character of Mister Atomic, helping dissipate wild fires by breaking down the molecular bonds of oxygen and thereby removing one of the required fuel sources that feed it?”

“Is that how he helped with the southern brush fires in your home state of Texas, Congressman?” Senator Kelly asked with a smug look on his face.

“Look,” Congressman Johnson responded with his hands open in front of him, with his southern accent becoming more pronounced, “I do not deny that this Nathan has done a great many things that has helped a great many people. There are so many issues and concerns with his powers. Where is his allegiance? What is he working on for the President? Or other nations for that matter?”

“I can tell you, unequivocally, Congressman Johnson,” Senator Kelly responded, “and you good people at home, the young man we all know as Nathan is extraordinary not only in the powers he wields, but the level of discretion under which he uses them. Or doesn’t, as is sometimes the case.”  Senator Kelly moved in his seat slightly and continued quickly, concerned that he might get cut off. “We, the United States government, have asked him for help on occasion on matters that I cannot discuss here. When it was applicable and he was able, he helped. When he felt it was too high a level of interference, in a gray area, where a sovereign nation was concerned, and we would not contact them to explain our incursion, he would decline to help us.”

“And who is he to question the Commander in Chief?” General Westmartin barked loudly.

“He’s an everyday citizen,” Senator Kelly countered. “He does not serve as an enlisted American, and as such, he has every right to decline something. At best, he working with us like a consultant might for the FBI or the CIA. And just like them, if he feels there is something off, he simply declines.”

“So what is he working on?” General Westmartin asked smugly. “I haven’t been in the loop on much of anything and yet I should be, more so than not.”

“Obviously General, I am unable to comment on that,” Senator Kelly responded plainly.

“And yet,” General Westmartin countered quickly, “it’s only you and the President with those special little phones to call him. Now why is that?”

“Well the choice of the President having one is pretty self-explanatory; if anyone is going to need to pull a major rip cord and need the help of a superhero, it would be the President of the United States.”

“Fair enough,” the General responded, shifting in his seat and leaning forward. “Then why do you have the other one?”

“Because he trusted me with it,” Senator Kelly responded calmly.

There was a brief lull and the Senator took advantage of that and turned back to Professor Farnsmith. “Professor,” he said plainly, “You commented before on your beliefs and studies of the Greek gods, Zeus, Hera, and so forth. Can you lend more of your knowledge? I am very interested in your theories.”

“Well,” Professor Farnsmith said unassumingly, “we believe these beings existed on another plane of existence, where the laws of time, nature, physics, and perhaps some others, like magic, apply very differently than in ours. For instance, it’s been hypothesized that those beings were few in number. There were not millions or billions like the number of us as we exist here on Earth. They may number in the hundreds, or even less. That is a theory as to why they are able to tap into the powers they have. They are connected to their version of nature and their universe at such a level that they can tap into the very energies around them and channel those for directed use.”

“Zeus and his thunderbolts,” General Westmartin responded sarcastically.

“We harness electricity with machines and technology; why couldn’t a highly evolved being channel it through his body with nothing more than his will?” Professor Farnsmith countered quickly. “We have Earth; we hypothesize that their Mount Olympus is where they reside. Because they were around for many centuries it is assumed they either live a very long time or that time moves differently on their plane of existence. Or perhaps it is both.”

“So those beings could be alive today?” Senator Kelly asked in a serious tone.

“They could,” Professor Farnsmith responded simply.

“WOO!” Congressman Johnson said loudly, “that blasphemy is going to cost you some nice votes come next year.”

“First off I never called them gods. Having said that, who said aliens have to be green and arrive on spaceships?” Senator Kelly responded coolly. “Why couldn’t they be “alien” beings, but rather than coming from another world far away, they instead live on another plane of existence?” Senator Kelly asked making finger quote marks in the air.

“Exactly,” Professor Farnsmith responded quickly. “In the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, the Book of Joshua, the Book of Job, and the two Books of Chronicles, to name just a few ancient writings, each mention a number of people that lived well beyond 400 years of age. They were the few; the exceptions. If we are to assume those as correct ages of beings on this world, it supports that the same could also be true for beings in other planes of existence. Additionally, if time moved differently there, where years here were days or hours there, they would seem to be immortal and seemingly live forever.”

“That’s an interesting theory Professor,” General Westmartin mused, “you wouldn’t happen to have any concrete proof to back any of it up?”

“I have as much proof to my beliefs as you might for whichever ones you hold,” she responded holding her ground. “As with all ancient texts, there are possible mistranslations from text to document, document to parchment, and so on. It doesn’t have to be egregious; even a minor one can throw something off. A decimal in the wrong place… that sort of thing.”

“So even your own hypotheses and theories are suspect?” General Westmartin countered.

“Of course,” she said plainly. “I believe in the work I do and the topics I study, but I am limited to the data and information I am given to review and work with.” She paused for a moment, and then continued. “I do believe in it wholeheartedly. And if Nathan has been given this gift by them,” Professor Farnsmith paused and quickly turned to see Senator Kelly nod slightly, “then it stands to reason that he is tapping the same energies that other heroes have in the course of history.”

“Helen of Troy? Hercules? Perseus? I think that if any are going to be somewhat household names, those would be it,” Congressman Johnson said loudly. “I might have to consult my grandson for some of the new age fiction ones.”

“Sarcasm is the tool of a weak mind,” Professor Farnsmith panned.

“I would like to know what the issue is, that certain factions of the government and the military, have with Nathan,” Senator Kelly said as be repositioned himself in the chair. “If the fact alone that the President of the Unites States has zero issue with him isn’t enough, what is it that bothers people? He’s not acting as law enforcement. He’s never performed any function as a citizen. He’s assisted when called upon but it’s not like he made citizen arrests. He’s been on the scene of the occasional crime, like when helping with flooding and holding looters while the police arrived, but he’s effectively never acted independently.”

“You tell them, Senator” Adia said to the television as she got up from the couch to get something to drink. She made her way into the kitchen and continued to look back at the television as Senator Kelly continued.

“The fact of the matter is, with all the powers he has, I think he’s shown great restraint. I wonder how many other people could do the same. Perhaps it’s why they chose him.”

“All this issue aside with the Greek gods, Senator, granting powers and all,” General Westmartin countered, “I have never seen, in man or nature, an imbalance to any one side, maintain. With man, when one side moved away from clubs to fire sticks, so did the other side. Right now, we stave each other off with tons of nukes pointed at one another. Oh, sure, they are dormant now, and the escalation is way down from where it was in the 60s and 70s, but they are all available to use when and if needed. As far as nature goes, I am far less the expert, but when too much ground water is tapped, we have sinkholes. When too much over fishing is done, other species suffer or die off. If there is so much of a counterbalance in a force of good, my concern is when the opposite of Nathan shows up.”

There was a quiet pause over the panel for a moment.

Adia walked from the kitchen with her glass of water and set it down on the coffee table.

“Would you care to elaborate further on that, General?” Mark asked to try to re-engage the conversation that stopped.

“There are two major issues on this point; let me start with the first one, Nathan himself. What if the power goes to his head? What if he suddenly does decide he is bigger than all of us and decides protecting isn’t enough and that he should rule? How can we possibly defeat someone so powerful?”

“His powers are not absolute,” Senator Kelly chimed in. “He confided in me that fact, and I hope he’ll forgive me if it was something he wanted kept more confidential. He never explicitly identified as such but… he indicated that his powers are… regulated, to a degree. He basically said, they were granted by the Greek gods. He knows this although he never explained how, and freely admitted he’s never seen or met any of them. Since he’s indicated that much, I believe that if these beings decided to intervene in such a way, to try to affect without directly getting involved, that they would also have a way to intervene should he become a direct threat.”

“What makes you so sure?” the General asked.

“Faith,” Senator Kelly responded. “It would seem to me that if they desired, these beings could directly involve themselves as they did millennia ago. For whatever reason, they left and decided to stay gone, as far as we’re all aware. Who knows if they indirectly influenced things along the way? We’ll never know for sure unless we could communicate with one of them. At the end of the day and for whatever reasons, they have decided to act in this manner through Nathan. From what I seen, in such an ordinary man, they have found someone extraordinary.”

Adia smiled. Her thoughts drifted to the last time she saw Nathan and the day he said goodbye. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“Excuse me,” Mark said, moving his hand up to his ear piece. “We are getting word now that there is an emergency at the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant. We are going to interrupt our broadcast… Stacy Martins for the local affiliate is on the scene. Stacy… we are live to you.”

“Yes, good evening Mark. Details are sketchy at the moment but apparently there was an issue earlier with one of the reactors and its cooling system. About an hour ago, the criticality level changed from Site Area Emergency, which is an issue that is contained within the site boundary, where no action is needed by the general public, to General Emergency. With that enacted, the evacuation order was initially given for the two inner zones around the plant, but that now has been escalated and emergency sirens have gone off. I have unconfirmed reports that containment loss may occur if they cannot get the situation remedied in short order.”

“Come on Nathan…” Aida said aloud. “Show them what you’re made of.”


Persephone stood in the garden by the reflecting pool on Mount Olympus. She smiled upon the chaos that was occurring on the scene. With the crisis at the Hanford Nuclear Power Plant escalating, Zeus and Hera also arrived.

“Fancy seeing you here daughter,” Hera disparaged while walking around the far side of the reflecting pool.

“My hand is not in this, as it is, of course, forbidden,” Persephone said feigning a smile to her and then turning to her father. “I am, of course, as equally surprised to see you here, both of you. It’s unusual to see either of you at the reflecting pool at all, let alone together.”

Zeus said nothing but only looked down into the pool at the scene.

“We all feel it too; I do expect you to realize that,” Persephone said looking at her father. “The hero Nathan is pulling power from this realm, and through all of us, as you commanded, father. We know when something is amiss. You may feel it first, but we know it too.”


Adia continued to watch the scene unfold on the television when suddenly Nathan appeared on the screen, landing in the background of the shot with the reporter. She clasped her hands together and prayed.

“Yes Mark, it does appear that Nathan has arrived.”

“We have confirmation here as well,” Mark responded. “We are getting the automated telemetry feed information from Nathan’s Computer Central network. As viewers might be aware, since enabling the Computer Central network a few months ago, Nathan makes available to all news reporting networks, via the AP feeds, all and any pertinent information for any major emergencies. You will see this information on the right side and bottom of your television screens at home. From time to time as well, the view on the screen may break away from our network control to live feeds that Computer Central provides. Nathan has maintained that he does this in an effort to provide clarity and transparency to anything that he is doing in the public interest.”

The camera in the studio zoomed out to show the entire panel and then the shot went back out to the reporter on the scene. Almost immediately, the shot then cut away to a raw feed from Computer Central.


Nathan entered the facility and raced toward the reactor core.

“Computer Central?”


“What’s the status of the core?” Nathan asked as he reinforced his personal shielding as Captain Delta.

“It will go critical. It will need to be evacuated.”

Nathan moved quickly to the area of the core. “Looks like I am going to have to pull the same move I did with the shuttle; I’m going to need to extend my own shielding and then move this whole unit.”

“Affirmative; you will not be able to contain the reactor once the critical level is reached.”

“I might have been better served today to be Mister Atomic; he could have simply absorbed all this radioactive energy until it became inert.”

“Confirmed,” Computer Central responded. “The known quantities of nuclear and radioactive material onsite Hanford Nuclear Power Plant are within Mister Atomic’s capabilities to neutralize.”

“I’ve learned not to second guess the compulsion to don one shirt over another,” Nathan responded while he focused and extended his personal force field around the failing reactor core. The action sheered electrical circuits and crushed much of the supports and the surrounding super structure. Once fully enveloped, he strained to raise the enveloped material while he gravitated alongside. “How far,” Nathan asked, straining under duress, “do I have to get this into the edge of space to jettison it completely out of orbit and Earth’s gravity well?”

“Scanning the mass of the matter you are now raising based on density. Scanning… Sending the information to your wrist monitor. It is based on the readings I have. I have added twenty five percent to the weight calculation and the speed requirement based on the read out. You will need to reach that altitude and speed away from Earth to send the matter away successfully. I have also plotted a course to allow it the best trajectory towards the sun.”

Nathan looked quickly at the display. He continued to strain as he raised the material. “That exceeds the highest altitude I’ve ever attempted as Captain Delta.”

“Affirmative; by 313 percent. It is within the parameters of the character’s abilities based on the fictional accounts of his powers.”

“Yes,” Nathan responded, continuing to lift the mass, under pressure, “nothing like the words ‘fictional accounts of his abilities’ to instill my personal confidence.”

The emergency crews on the ground watched the major portion of the reactor complex lift and leave the site within Nathan’s protective shielding.

“Segmented portions of Captain Delta’s powers are derived from willpower,” Computer Central responded as Nathan continued to lift the radioactive materials and the remnants of the reactor tower and core skyward. “Your supply of willpower, to date, does not have an upper measure.”

Nathan continued upwards for several minutes in silent concentration at his best speed to reach escape velocity.

“Distance from ground?” Nathan called out, interrupting the silence, with his voice beginning to break.

“Twelve, point three miles.” Computer Central responded.

“Is the radiation leaking outside the shielding?” Nathan asked looking around.


“Storm clouds are forming out of thin air up here.” Nathan said as his tone shifted to concern.

“Analyzing… analyzing… conditions are not permissible for the formation of storm clouds at your location.” Computer Central responded.

“What?” Nathan asked slightly dazed as he began to slow his acceleration and move slightly lateral and away from his original position directly under the core materials.

Lightning strikes began to leap from cloud to cloud and then exchange down to Earth.

“The clouds should not exist given present conditions.” Computer Central responded.

Suddenly, Nathan grabbed his throat, gasping for air, with his personal shielding gone.

With the total loss of his powers, he began to plummet back to Earth with the reactor materials falling with him.

About I, Hero: Nathan Returns
Nathan Returns

Nathan is back in New York City; the place where it all started, nearly one year later. While he has been away, he has been establishing a base of operations and trying to follow the direction his life has taken – making a difference and answering the call for help where and when he is needed.

He has returned to this birthplace of his powers with more questions of why he is on the path he is on and what is expected of him.

During a dangerous rescue, his powers dissipate, and leave him critically vulnerable.

He connects back with old friends who help him rediscover the man he used to be to in order to help him be the man he has become and the man who he must be.

Magical forces come into play, pulling on nature itself, which introduces an unexpected challenge to Nathan while he is at this perilous juncture.

The pendulum swings even farther out of alignment; it is up to Nathan to respond before forces are set into motion that cannot be countered.


Books and links

Before Another Sunset (The Sunset Series Book 1)

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I Hero: The Beginning

I Hero: Nathan Returns

As Life Goes: Elementary


As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence – (expected November 2015)
As Life Goes: The Reunion – (expected April 2016)
As Life Goes: The Wedding (expected July 2016)
As Life Goes: The Funeral (expected October 2016)

I Hero: Untitled Book 3 (Expected first half 2016)
I Hero: Untitled Book 4 (Expected second half 2016)
I Hero: Untitled Book 5 (Expected first half 2017)

Replay of my BLOG TOUR post – I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt I

Over the last week of July and into the first two weeks of August I took all of my past, present, and even my future, road-mapped works “on the road” so to speak with one very long blog tour. Across a number of very generous hosts’ blogs, I was featured as their guest and I had the opportunity to showcase my work.

A portion of that tour was for the “I, Hero” series. I not only talked about my current release “I, Hero: The Beginning” but also introduced readers to “I, Hero: Nathan Returns”.

If you want to check out my free excerpts from “I, Hero: The Beginning”, you can via the links directly below:

I, Hero: The Beginning – Links to Excerpts
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt I
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt II
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt III
“I, Hero – The Beginning” – Excerpt IV

Book Cover (3)

It was on author John W. Howell’s blog where I first introduced “I, Hero: Nathan Returns” – Excerpt I and I am happy to once again deliver it here for you.

I, Hero: Nathan Returns – Excerpt I


The morning sun rose over the horizon and immediately began to heat the crisp morning air.

A middle-aged woman sat on a park bench with a small, mixed breed dog on a leash. The dog sniffed around at the grass to the left rear of the bench and the woman turned her back to face her dog.

She was holding her smart phone and had ear buds in her ears. She listened to music that played while an older gentleman with white hair, dressed in a long suit coat, came along. He moved alongside the park bench in the grassy area off the paved path. The smaller dog immediately tugged on the leash to see the other dog.

The woman casually lifted her hand to her left ear, dropped the ear bud out of it, and glanced over at the pure-bred Labrador Retriever. “We might as well be having that affair we’re always accused of, meeting up like this as often as we do,” she said quietly without taking her attention off her dog.

“It’s better that the talk is of an affair that we’re not having than what we’re actually doing,” the man replied, turning his back towards her and allowing the dog to move him a couple of steps away. “Status and update?” he asked plainly.

“We still have no way to track him,” she said while getting up from the bench to pick up after the dog. She took the opportunity to scan the area for other people. There were none. “His powers… change, for a lack of better description. We are following a given signature then it disappears entirely. When it does come up again it registers differently. We track that for a while and then he just falls off the radar.” She dropped the small bag into a nearby pail and walked her dog near his so they could sniff each other. “He generally seems to head west before he drops out of sight. We’ve eliminated California, Oregon, and Washington because of the number of occasions he disappears heading east from those states. Intelligence is liking Nevada, but it’s still too loose and just a guess.”

“Do you think it’s deliberate? Do you think he knows we are trying to track him and he is masking his movements?” he asked tugging slightly at his dog’s leash.

“I can’t know for certain,” she said looking up at him and smiling slightly. She reached into her coat pocket to make sure her identification badge was still there. “His movements are too casual; if I had to guess I would say ‘no’. He’s young, not skilled or trained, and he trusts easily. Why his signature disappears and then shows up differently is something we haven’t figured out. It does repeat; there are times it matches prior signatures and we have a catalog of nine distinct ones to date, but why they are constantly changing is another unknown. We also see no detectable pattern in the changes. It appears random.”

“We know Senator Kelly is the direct link between Nathan and the President; have we had any luck with that route?” the man asked looking directly at the woman.

“No. He’s tight-lipped, he won’t budge, and he has to be the cleanest politician I’ve ever seen too; we can’t even find anything to leverage on him,” she said withdrawn.

“Everyone has a closet and there are always skeletons. I don’t want to have to go that way with him, but if I have to I will, even if I have to fabricate something. We need to figure out what is going on. It’s a matter of national security,” the man said looking over at his dog as it began doing its business in the grass.

The woman glanced over and then tended back to her dog. “I’ll put some more people on it but eventually it’s going to leak. The people like Nathan; once it gets out that the CIA and Homeland are trying to track him it’s not going to be good.”

“The CIA and Homeland are not tracking him,” the man responded matter of factly.

“Yes, two rogue groups within each organization are; without authorization, and without Presidential backing. That will go over so much better with the public,” she said in a sarcastic tone. “Is it such a smart idea to engage tonight on World News with Mark Daniels?”

“America’s Roundtable is the place for a discussion like this,” the man turned and stepped over to her near the edge of the paved walkway. “The top thirty-five most populous cities in the United States, with a total population that exceeds 40 million souls. Offshore, shell companies, buying, leasing, or otherwise occupying property in the dead center of each of those cities. We have been stymied on just about every legal front, trying to gain access to some of those locations, and others that we have been able to access have not produced anything worthwhile to date.”

She looked up at him with a steely look in her eyes. “I am as much a Patriot as you are. Have you ever considered that there is no conspiracy there? Even if there is one, how can you be so sure it has to do with him? Nathan has no income that we’ve been able to detect. We have no idea where he lays his head at night. As far as food goes, there are millions of families that would offer him dinner, if he even needs to consume food anymore with respect to the powers he has. He just doesn’t have the means for anything nearly as grand as what you’re assuming, based on all of our intelligence.”

“You’re naïve, Jane,” the man said in a stern tone. “His capabilities are unmatched. There are governments that would pay a fortune to exploit them. He has a commodity that no one else can provide in his abilities.” The man tugged at his dog slightly to bring him out of the grass and onto the paved path. “Everyone has a price and everything can be bought.”

“Said the man who has brokered his share of said deals,” Jane replied plainly. She pulled the other ear bud out and put the unit in her purse.

“It is exactly because of that, I know something is going on. I will get to the bottom of it,” he said as he took a couple of steps away from her.

“If you are right about this, then hopefully the people will understand the need for some of the illegal activity…”

“We are covered under the Patriot Act,” he said, stopping his departure abruptly and cutting her off mid-sentence.

“That’s a load and you know it, but if it helps you sleep at night, so be it. Sooner or later it’s going to surface, whether we want it to or not, Congressman Johnson, and I hope you’re ready for that.”

“I’ll be ready because there is just no way I’m that far off base on this. Those properties in those cities… they all tie back to Nathan somehow and I am going to figure it out. All that power he has and it’s not enough. Now he’s involved with something in the middle of all those cities…all those lives. I will find out what that is,” he said turning to walk away.

Jane turned back to where the Congressman was exercising his dog. “You going to pick that up?” she asked plainly.

“The park has paid caretakers; they’ll tend to it,” he said without turning around.

About I, Hero: Nathan Returns
Nathan Returns

Nathan is back in New York City; the place where it all started, nearly one year later. While he has been away, he has been establishing a base of operations and trying to follow the direction his life has taken – making a difference and answering the call for help where and when he is needed.

He has returned to this birthplace of his powers with more questions of why he is on the path he is on and what is expected of him.

During a dangerous rescue, his powers dissipate, and leave him critically vulnerable.

He connects back with old friends who help him rediscover the man he used to be to in order to help him be the man he has become and the man who he must be.

Magical forces come into play, pulling on nature itself, which introduces an unexpected challenge to Nathan while he is at this perilous juncture.

The pendulum swings even farther out of alignment; it is up to Nathan to respond before forces are set into motion that cannot be countered.

The BIG, three week, blog tour is DONE! Time to ready the GIVEAWAY!

I want to thank everyone that stopped by on the different blogs along the tour to read about my recent releases.

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Welcome to the I, HERO – THE BEGINNING Blog Tour!


Author, Jason Zandri

(Jason is on a whirlwind three week tour for three of his releases!  Each week’s tour, is for an individual book and each tour will be listed in 7 day increments.  The giveaways listed below will be awarded after the final tour is over and that is August 15, 2015.  To enter the drawing for the fabulous prizes and prize packages listed below, simply leave a comment at the bottom of this page, as well as each stop along his tour.  Each day that you leave a comment on a tour stop, your name will go into the drawing.  The more stops you visit and leave comments, the greater your chances to win!  GOOD LUCK!)


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John Fioravanti


I Hero by Jason Zandri


An everyday man, living less than ordinary life in New York City, simply makes his way about his work life and one at home. A kind heart and an empathetic soul, who tended to think of others before he thought of himself.

With his childhood totally left behind and gone with the final resting of his father, Nathan has come to terms with his past as he forges his life in the present, unaware of what lies ahead.

An unlikely friendship, a random act of violence, a budding romance, all part of a life changed.



Sunday, August 2, 2015:

Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko

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John Fioravanti

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P. H. Solomon

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Rebecca Reilly

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Liz Gavin

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Shirley Harris-Slaughter

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Isabel Pietri

As Life Goes by Jason Zandri


Mark Sanford returns to his hometown with his son Matthew in tow to rebuild their lives. Recently divorced, and with the mother totally abandoning her parental responsibilities, both father and son are beginning their fresh start together.

Matthew begins to make new friends in the neighborhood and at school while he tries to find his place among people that have been friends with one another for years at elementary school.

Mark takes over the reins of the former family corner store with the help of a young woman looking for work. The ability to love and trust that woman entering his life is difficult for him because of all he has lost. For Matthew, that “first love” is difficult to understand without a motherly influence and with a father that has been deeply hurt.



Sunday, July 26, 2015

Beem Weeks

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jan Hawke

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Beth Hale

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Harmony Kent

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Patricia Green

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Marc Estes

Another Sunset


David Stephenson is a kind drifter who comes to settle in the small Texas town of Westville. His sense, empathy, and awareness are well received by the residents of the failing town as they welcome and befriend him. During his stay he helps a small local girl try to realize her dream and while doing so excites and energizes the whole town to help out. Lives change as fate takes a critical turn. The local would-be reporter, tasked by David’s longtime friend, takes off on a mission to unravel the mystery of his travels, where he came from, and discovers why he is on his journey.



This story had me confused in the beginning.  I felt there were too many characters introduced too soon, and I was getting them all mixed up, especially with David and Peter Dempsey, and then with Caroline and Charlotte.   I couldn’t remember who was the passenger and who was the truck driver, and then I couldn’t remember which was the child and which was the elderly woman (that confusion very well could have been my own mind, mind you).  After having read the first two chapters twice, I began to force myself to focus better.  Then, I got it!  It all clicked!  I was so moved by this story-line, which was filled with comedy at times, sadness at times, frustration (if you’ve read this already, think David letting Su Ann have it!), then it all leveling out into a marvelously joyous read.  I mean, how many people are there in this world like David?  He made me want to be better, kinder and more generous.  Anytime an author can evoke those feelings inside of you, the reader, HE/SHE is damn good! My original review rating was going to be a 4 star because I found that there were many occasions where punctuation was needed, yet there was none.  For it to be a fluid read for me, I need yellow lights, red lights and green lights guiding my drive…and although not very often, I am guilty of this crime, too. (The good thing about that, is the author, Jason Zandri can fix those minor hiccups in no time!).  With all that said, by the time I had rounded the final bend of this tale, I was so wrapped up in this AWESOME story, this wonderfully crafted story, that ANOTHER SUNSET gets a 5 star rating from me!

Now, let me say what I know you came here to hear…you DO want to read this book and you DO want to read it right away.  The story was better than good, and Mr. Zandri, you have just garnered yourself a new fan!   I hope to see this book as a Rave Reviews Book Club “Book of the Month” selection in the very near future because I know ALL will enjoy it!  And if you are a follower of my reviews, you know I don’t say that very often.  Only when it’s true!

Welcome to the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour!

Please stay tuned over at 4WillsPublishing Author Services they are organizing, promoting, and servicing my three week blog tour for all my published work and a couple of efforts that are still unreleased.

This week is the ANOTHER SUNSET Blog Tour and we are on day three today over at Beth Hale’s blog.

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Deciding where to start a story is not always clear cut and, because I came at this book with a story plan that was loosely based on The Canterbury Tales, that followed several people’s experiences, there’s a fair amount of flashbacks and jumping ahead, whilst following along the main timeline of the safari. I hope I succeeded in making sense of the flow in the novel, but when I began to look ahead to marketing issues and found a need for a book blog, I quickly realised that I needed to streamline things more, so people could get a flavour of what goes on and where in the story more clearly.

We first meet main character, Sophie Taylor and her safari companions on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls, and the story roughly follows their itinerary from there into Zimbabwe and then Uganda and finally, after it’s over, into Tanzania where Sophie starts her new job. A magazine treatment, based on their journey (with the odd deviation when the backstory dictated) gradually presented itself as a useful solution for the blog as it gave me an opportunity to include some of my own personal background, influences and research information on the countries in which Milele Safari are set, and to including short synopses on each of the Tales that ‘happen’ in that region.  What’s good for my own blog should surely work for a blog tour too! So, this is your personal invitation to join me on a ‘blog safari’ that tells the true-life inside story behind Milele Safari, through the real and almost real lands depicted in the book…

… the Tales play out through the auspices of several point of view characters and their narratives, some through flashbacks into the past, or through a journal device that joins the various strands of their Tales together.



Sophie Taylor ~ a doctor specialising in EMDR therapy, who returns to Africa to work for an aid agency running clinics for victims of the Zyandan genocide, still suffering from the ravages of post-traumatic stress disorder and other ills 13 years on.

Sister Teresa ‘Terry’ Olatunde ~ a battered and maimed orphan of the horrific war and famine in Biafra, whose valiant, but ultimately rash attempt at intervention to rescue terrified Zyandan refugees, results in her making the ultimate sacrifice.

Harry Burton ~ a highly accomplished Zimbabwean game guide and hunter whose memories of colonial childhood and adult experience of civil war and ecological vagaries pours light on yet more aspects of life in modern Africa.

David Mukuga ~ the boy soldier who witnesses his comrades slaying Sister Terry and two other men at a refugee camp, whose adult life is dogged by inescapable guilt and despair as he struggles to rehabilitate himself and make amends for his grisly past under the watchful eye of the mother of his dead best friend.

Verity Beleshona ~ a strong and principled woman who lost her entire family to the genocide, trying to transcend the tragedy and working tirelessly to help her countrymen ‘pay the amnesty’ of survival and rebuild shattered lives in a new UN-sponsored community project, the Mgakera Enclave, on the borders of Zyanda and Tanzania. Sophie’s thread is the one that binds them all together as she eases back into working life in Africa, meeting Harry and his nephew, vet Luigi Ogilvy, on the way, before taking up her new role as a consultant clinician in the Zyandan community of Mgakera, just over the border from Umbeke in Tanzania.

Author Bio: I live near Launceston in Cornwall, UK with Toby and Benji the Springer Spaniels – it’s a tie between us all as to who’s maddest, but as I outrank them in being weird anyway it’s not open to debate really. I’m physically lazy with things that don’t hold much interest for me (so that’s mostly housework and, increasingly, cooking…), but I love where we live, mainly because I chose it for being so quiet and off the beaten track, very close to the moors and quite near to the sea. I also love books, both to write and to read, the latter of which can be very eclectic (I enjoy Julian Barnes, Kate Atkinson, Jeanette Winterson and will happily admit to Jilly Cooper too) but in the main I’m heavily into SF&F, particularly Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Julian May, although I can pass on Zombie Apocalypses fairly easily… …how I’ve chosen to write about Africa for my first novel may be something of a surprise to my friends, but if you read it you may find that all of the above information manifests in there somehow!

Future projects include a futuristic fantasy series, loosely grounded in Celtic myth – The Shadow Chronica (, which is kind of stalled at present, but I’ll be dusting it off as summer gets in full flood with the first novel hopefully available at the tail end of 2016.


Book Blurb: Milele Safari back blurb – Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey …twines around a single day, in an unremarkable border village that snuffs out the lives of four people and shatters many others, only to draw the survivors back to a different time and, perhaps, a hope of atonement and peace. Step out on the journey and discover an Africa that could have been, is and might one day come to be.

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