As Life Goes: Elementary – now available for PRE-ORDER

As you might have read a few months back (Two projects on tap – the “As Life Goes” five book series and “I, Hero”), I started a couple of new book series – I Hero and As Life Goes.

I was supposed to start with As Life Goes – Elementary and that was to be ready for the end of September. I also wrote at the time “While I was outlining this another story cropped up on me (“I, Hero”) so I MAY (big MAY) try to execute this now ahead of the summer writing session.”

If you’re following my releases, “I, Hero – The Beginning” has been finished and is already released.

With that, I have been cranking along with As Life Goes – Elementary and I am expecting it to be completed by the end of June now which gives me all of July to get it edited and finished. As such, I now have it available for pre-order.

I am figuring to release “I, Hero – Nathan Returns” by the end of August now, the second book of that series and then I plan to follow up with “As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence” – (expected November 2015). I MIGHT have enough secondary material from “As Life Goes: Elementary” “left over” that I might want to tie up so I may offer a novella titled “As Life Goes: Summer.” If that ends up being the case I’ll drop that for the end of September.

“As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence” is supposed to take place with Matthew, Melissa, Michael, Tim and the others in their senior year of high school. That is a jump from fifth grade in “As Life Goes: Elementary” so if I have that remainder material to wrap up I will do it in “As Life Goes: Summer”

That’s your catch up on what I have going on.

Thanks for following the blog and reading my work.

As Life Goes