Sales for “As Life Goes: Elementary” are increasing and I am finally getting some reviews.

Sales for “As Life Goes: Elementary” are picking up and the timing is perfect.

I just dropped a post with my cover preview for the next book of the series and I am trying to get to the half way mark on As Life Goes: The End of the Innocence – (expected November 2015)

5.0 out of 5 stars A great book.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great father and son story!

5.0 out of 5 stars A refreshing read – touching and very inspiring!

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BOOK REVIEW – “Jem” by Michelle Abbott

JemJem by Michelle Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an interesting character story; there are two main characters Jem (the title character) and Devon. Additional there are (basically) four secondary ones in Devon’s son, her ex, and her two neighbors.

The story has its setup in the past (so you have the foundation) when Jem and Devon are young. The friendship is as solid as can be (when kids are kids) but at the hands of parental abuse (of Jem) it becomes complex. The story then brings you to “the present”.

Jem is employed but sort of stalled in his life (basically set in his routine, such as it is) and Devon has recently relocated (to the same area where Jem now lives) with her small child in tow.

During a chance meeting, Jem recognizes Devon but she does not recognize him, despite the fact that she remembers fondly and regularly the little boy that meant so much to her from when she was young.

As with all “grown up” things, life gets in the way – Jem’s aggressiveness, a misunderstanding, Jem’s distrust with his emotions and feelings, Devon’s mistrust of men, the ex coming back into the picture, and other things, all hamper the situation.

Will they be able to bridge the gap that time and situation have brought or is it too little, too late?

I really liked the premise of the story and the author’s style; it allowed for POV changing (and it was easy to follow) and she gave you enough narrative details to set a stage but in a manner that allowed your own imagination to fill in the blanks the way your own mind sees fit (big plus for me).

Overall, a very solid “recommend” for anyone that enjoys a “people” story and one where peoples’ demons must be defeated in order for them to continue on as individuals, with, or without, the people that matter the most to them in their lives.

I recommend “Jem” by Michelle Abbott
* * * * Four Stars (out of five)

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BOOK REVIEW – “Deadly Secrets” (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #1) by Gordon Bickerstaff

Deadly Secrets (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #1)Deadly Secrets by Gordon Bickerstaff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Deadly Secrets” (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #1) by Gordon Bickerstaff

FOUR STARS * * * *

The locale of the story (after a short and graphic opening) starts the reader off in the United Kingdom nations of Scotland and England and then carries them to other areas of Europe as the tale unwinds.

Gavin Shawlens is a biochemist who is working with creator Emma Patersun on her new food process that will revolutionize the industry. In the right hands Emma’s work could help ease the food demand burden and feed the hungry; in the wrong hands, it would mean ultimate control for whoever possessed it and could possibly threaten the stability of the world wide food supply.

James Barscadden and his company BARSCO are determined to steal the process in order to gain that control and to profiteer from it.

The story is written expressively and author Gordon Bickerstaff offers much detail into the setting, the backstory, and some of the business dealings and practices of the Barscadden Corporation (which offers additional insight as to why the company works and functions as ruthlessly and efficiently as it does). These are just a few examples of the detail and style found within the story.

I also felt the descriptive dialog and detailed explanations of some of the scientific and chemical processes added to the story. While I appreciated the details, there were times I thought it was “holding up” the story. (That’s more my issue than the work – I basically have an attention span of a gnat). I wanted to get to the next turn in the story and while the details keep my attention, I did catch myself wanting to “move on” ahead of the “telling”.

Overall, a very enticing read and a solid “recommend” for anyone that enjoys the crime / thriller / suspense genres.

I recommend “Deadly Secrets” (Gavin Shawlens Thriller #1) by Gordon Bickerstaff
* * * * Four Stars (out of five)

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BOOK REVIEW – “Murder at Cold Creek College” – by Christa Nardi

Murder at Cold Creek College (Cold Creek #1)Murder at Cold Creek College by Christa Nardi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder mystery at a small private college

FOUR STARS * * * *

Psychology Professor Sheridan Hendley is the main character in this murder mystery. The story begins with the murder of Dr. Adam Millberg, a member of the psychology department, just before the semester starts. There is the possibility that one of her friends might be arrested as a suspect and that motivates some of Sheridan’s actions, with the whole psychology department under scrutiny.

With information becoming available during the initial investigation, it becomes apparent that the dead psychology professor was of questionable character and there was more than one person with possible motive or intent.

The story is told from her point of view and shows Sheridan’s attempts to piece together what happened using her own psychology skills. She tries to identify those that are plainly innocent, but then works through others with questionable or possible motives. Because there is more to police work than the psychology side, her efforts are not totally successful on their own, but it does get her involved with the investigation.

The local police begin the handling of the murder until Detective Brett McMann from the state police arrives and assumes control which causes resistance between Detective McMann and the local police. Sheridan is assigned to show the detective around the campus and introduce him to all the members of her department which mainly serves to get her fully thrust into the thick of things.

A small romance between Sheridan and Brett becomes a secondary theme to the story. It is done in a fitting manner, which adds rather than detracts to the story (as some romances into story-lines sometimes seem forced for the sake of just having them there – not the case in this situation).

The overall story has good pacing; it never seems to drag and the characters are realistic and believable. There are small twists to the plot that make it an engaging read.

The story is complete but the characters continue in the second book in the series, “Murder in the Arboretum” (there was a sample chapter at the end of the Kindle e-book).

I recommend “Murder at Cold Creek College” by Christa Nardi – * * * * Four Stars (out of five)

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Two for Tuesday – Two new FIVE STAR reviews for “I, Hero: The Beginning”

Per my last post, “I Hero: Nathan Returns” Kindle Edition is completed and off to the editor.

It is available for pre-order and the title is still set for formal release on September 15, 2015.

I was really excited to see two new, FIVE STAR reviews for  “I, Hero: The Beginning”:

A must read, September 6, 2015

A fantastic story!, September 8, 2015

I am really am excited about the new release and I am looking forward to the continued feedback and reviews.

A special thank you to the reviewers for not only the investment of your time and money in my work, but for taking the additional time to offer your thoughts; I really do appreciate it.


Nathan Returns

Three new reviews for Another Sunset as the current segment of the blog tour wraps

As my blog tour for “Another Sunset” wraps up (and the one for the “As Life Goes” series begins) I am excited to promote three new professional reviews; two FIVE STAR reviews and one four star review.

The TOUR LINE-UP for ANOTHER SUNSET is available via the 4WillsPublishing Author Services site and the reviews are available via Readers’ Favorite site

I am really looking forward to the extra exposure these three reviews bring to the book as well as the exposure the tour brings to all of my titles.

Readers Favorite

BOOK REVIEW – “Best Foot Forward: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 4)” by Tamie Dearen

Best Foot Forward: A Romantic ComedyBest Foot Forward: A Romantic Comedy by Tamie Dearen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I haven’t read the other books in this series (with the exception of the intro to the series “The Best Is Yet to Come: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 0)”) – I was initially concerned that it might be an issue jumping into book four over book one first but the read came to me by recommendation and I had the time so I wanted to get into it.

While there were some references to the other books (and likely some inside commentary that I missed from not reading them first) this is a very good story that stands on its own despite the character history that is likely there from prior books.

Grace, the lead “Best Girl” in this book is a quirky character; she lives life fully but works very hard to avoid complications (like serious relationships) and her efforts to avoid them become particularly complicated when she falls hard for Brad. Her efforts to end the relationship (because she feels too much for him) become lightly comical and the involvement of the ensemble characters (mostly family) to try to help out adds to the fun of the entire story.

Reading romantic comedies isn’t my norm but I found this story engaging, the characters down to Earth, and the life situations very real so it was easy to get involved with the story and enjoy it.

I recommend “Best Foot Forward: A Romantic Comedy (The Best Girls Book 4)” by Tamie Dearen – four stars out of five.

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Another Sunset Book Review (the 30th review) “Amazing that a male author could write such a touching story.”

Happy to have another satisfied reader and to read another great review.

All of the current reviews on Amazon can be found here

The particular one (below) is available here.

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BOOK REVIEW – “Sugarcoatin is for Candy, and Pacifyin is for Kids!” by Nonnie Jules

Sugarcoatin is for Candy, and Pacifyin is for Kids!Sugarcoatin is for Candy, and Pacifyin is for Kids! by Nonnie Jules

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A great book. A practical, no nonsense, how to get it done, how to ask for help, no excuses for “no”, read for “doing what needs to be done and doing it right”.

FIVE STARS * * * * *

Just a quick reminder – my rating system can be found here and I call it out because I want to outline, this is one of those rare books that is “An excellent, compelling, must read, that I could not put down and could see reading again someday.”

What I’ve come to realize reading this book is that it is a compilation of blog posts. I then decided to look at some of the other reviews; a couple were critical of this. I could write a fictitious blog about “The everyday life of Johnny Baker” and totally make every entry up. There would be an intro post, a body of topics and sub topics, and then a conclusion (or an endpoint). How are individual posts any different than chapters of a story? So with that, I dismissed any pretense and looked at the work for what it was.

Beyond that, this wasn’t a fictional story. This was more like a self-help guide and to me, while most of it was no nonsense information on writing, publishing, networking, and marketing (mainly), much of it could be translated into anything else in the world. Running a business. Living your life. Being a better citizen / parent / child / person.

I am highly favorable to writing like this because I live my life the same way. Don’t tell me “this is the way it’s always been done” or “there’s no other way to do it” because I will take a tablespoon and dig a ditch with it just to prove “that” point wrong.

I don’t believe in “over kindness.” I try to be nice and constructive with anything that requires critical assessment / feedback, but you’ll never hear me say “that’s ok – you’re the last winner of the race.” I’ll likely give you credit for sticking it out and finishing. I might even give you extra credit for running right into the end when everyone else already finished; it’s easy to say “that’s it, I’m beat, I’m going to walk over the line.” But when being blunt about things I will say “yeah… well… you WE’RE last.”

That should make it so that you either realize perhaps you’re not cut out for [THIS] OR that should drive you to do better at it.

That’s what this book does. It allows for critical self-assessment in a “no bones about it” and light-hearted manner. Because it could be a guide for anyone, anywhere, regarding just about anything, and something that you could read again / refer back to, it comes recommended from me with my highest rating.

I highly recommend “SUGARCOATIN’ IS FOR CANDY & PACIFYIN’ IS FOR KIDS!: “Yes, I Said It!”” by Nonnie Jules – * * * * * FIVE Stars (out of five)

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A Book Review of my book “Another Sunset” as reviewed by Andy Peloquin

Originally posted on  Andy Peloquin

Book Review: Another Sunset by Jason Zandri

It’s Book Review Wednesday again, and today I’m quite pleased to bring you a story that was surprisingly moving for me…

To read the entire post, please follow the “Book Review:” link above.