New records for “Another Sunset” and “Before Another Sunset” in the Kindle Store

Earlier this morning “Another Sunset” and “Before Another Sunset” set new records in the Kindle Store

“Another Sunset” is currently ranked #28,028 out of over one million books in the Kindle Store.

“Before Another Sunset” is currently ranked #34,824 out of over one million books in the Kindle Store.

I realize there is a lot of ambiguity in these numbers but it is something of a peer report and while it’s not a competition I am glad the book is holding well after nearly six months in release as I prepare to debut “I, Hero – The Beginning”

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New review posted for Another Sunset; rankings for Before Another Sunset climb

A new review showed up today for the main novel “Another Sunset”:


New numbers are also in as part of the “Before Another Sunset” campaign:

#2984 in Overall Kindle Store for free books.
#15 in Kindle Short Reads > One hour (33-43 pages) > Literature & Fiction
#46 in Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction

new numbers

Looking forward to the remainder of the week.

New sales peaks for Another Sunset

Kindle sales for Another Sunset jumped Tuesday February 17th (likely from sales the day prior) and these jumps shattered all prior sales records. New reviews have been posted on Amazon and Goodreads and some of these sales are the likely result of those.

Also, my membership and aggressive participation in the Rave Reviews Book Club is also adding to the visibility and promotion of the book in the reading community. (You can join HERE – be sure to let them know Jason Zandri / @GUNDERSTONE sent you). 

It is always exciting to reach new highs. Generally after hitting the new peak the number drops off but so far it’s been higher lows and then the sales swing up to new highs.

The Kindle title has been out just ten weeks and I am really excited over the momentum.

Today at the highest point the Amazon Best Sellers Rank was 37,581 in the Paid Kindle Store.

Full stats

We added the book to a new category over the weekend All Books > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Literary Fiction and it jumped on the sales to 1,357.


In the ALL BOOKS rank it clipped the old number of 81,965 to reach as high as 58,194.

All books 58194

Below are the rest of the stats in the other categories:

Kindle ebooks

Kindle ebooks 2

Kindle ebooks 3