“Marie’s Diary – The Introduction” – a new Kindle release from author G. R. Stone


New release from author G. R. Stone

I wanted to introduce this new release from another indie author, G. R. Stone. I’d like to preface ahead of time that this is a romance erotica genre story; I wanted to make sure folks were aware that it was an adult themed novella.

It is a self contained story; the first in a planned series of three.

It is now available for pre-order and it formally releases on February 12, 2016.

Marie’s Diary – The Introduction


Marie Boxford is a forty-six-year-old, senior pharmaceutical representative, with her oldest in his final year of college and her youngest entering in the fall. She is facing the reality of her fading marriage and is working to come to terms with it. While she has a close group of friends to confide in, she is reluctant to divulge everything to any one of them, so she takes to putting down her thoughts in an online diary.

She works through her feelings at her half of the failure in her marriage, all the while coming more and more out her shell. She acknowledges her lack of emotional and physical response to sex, in her marriage and with her husband. She realizes, as her husband did, that what she wants and desires will likely need to come from someone else.

Ben Livingston is an everyday man; he is a single, white collar, professional who is just beginning a new relationship with a woman he works with, after exiting a recent, tumultuous, relationship. While navigating the Internet, he stumbles across the file share where Marie is storing her diary online.

As Marie begins the new chapters of her life, she is unaware that Ben has taken on the role of voyeur, taking vicarious pleasure by reading her entries.

This series is intended for mature audiences eighteen years and older.