The results of my day on the BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK and BLOG BLOCK PARTY

The Rave Reviews Book Club (of which I have been a member for less than a year) hosted an event for the month of September called the BACK-TO-SCHOOL BOOK and BLOG BLOCK PARTY

It just kicked off today on September 1st and it will be running all month long. The day is just about over here on the East coast.

My blog was hosted today along with four other awesome #RRBCers.

I know a lot of people will knock efforts like blog tours and virtual events. Mainly, it is because many, if not most, judge their success not on the exposure they might have gotten, but on sales that they figure just aren’t materializing from their time and effort (and sometimes nominal fees paid to be a part of the event).

For all my efforts, a couple of hours to put the blog post together, and another couple of hours responding to visitors to my page today, I did not sell one single book (from any of my four titles) and I did not have a single page read via Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) Read.
Blog Tour 000



I don’t measure my success “today”. A brick wall isn’t built with one brick and neither will my success as a writer or anything else I do. It will be built on the “back” of hours, days, weeks, months, and years of determination and hard work.

But if I have to measure something for “today” I would look at the traffic to my blog:

Blog Tour 001

Blog Tour 002

Ten times the exposure that I normally have; not only to people who I already know and who follow the blog and occasionally stop by, but also to brand new people who never heard of me before.

That’s what I call an unmitigated success.


And in nine minutes, today will be yesterday, tomorrow will be today, and the future will be a blank slate for me to write.

Turn the page.